3 Simple Tips for Buying the Right Car for Your Family

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Cars mean different things to different people but if you are looking for a car that will be suitable for your family needs, you might be forgiven for thinking that style and performance will have to be sacrificed for practicality and space.

There are now a wealth of different models designed to appeal to the family car driver and by asking yourself some key questions, you now have a good chance of getting a car that is a joy to drive but meets the demands of delivering your family safely by road to their destination.

Car Buying Tips

Hatchback or Saloon?

Saloon cars can be very deceptive in the fact that they seem to trick the eye into believing that they are bigger and offer more space than a hatchback model. Whilst this is sometimes the case, very often you will find that a hatchback offers you far greater flexibility when it comes to loading pushchairs and prams into the boot area. The narrow openings of a saloon car can make taking this equipment in an out of the car quite a challenge as many models have a high loading lip, which is not the case when you open up the boot of a hatchback. If you are planning to transport a dog or pushchair around with you in your new car, take them with you when you are choosing your new vehicle so you can actually see for yourself how practical a particular model will be, as it is a common mistake and too late once you have handed over your cash.


The style and amount of the seats in a car are an important consideration before making any decision to buy. The age of your children and the size of your family should help you to list a number of cars that meet your needs and eliminate those that simply don’t fit the bill. Wide rear door apertures are a good feature to look for so that getting in or out of the car is not a chore and raised seating, commonly referred to as stadium seating , where the rear seats are higher than the front, are usually better for families who need to fit a child seat. Children seem to prefer being higher up and having a better view and it is often claimed that it helps to reduce travel sickness as well, so if you regularly travel reasonable distances to see friends or family, that feature might be well worth considering.


Every car seems to have a host of gadgets that may appeal to you but there are a number of specific child-friendly features that are well worth considering when trying to choose your next car. Integrated sunblinds or UV-filtered tinted rear windows help to ease their level of comfort and also offer a bit of added privacy and security as well. Leather is quite a good choice for your seating as it easier to clean than fabric and go for black over beige or cream for the interior as they hide the evidence of any spills or little accidents much more effectively. Having a ceiling mounted or seat-back DVD system is also a very popular addition to the gadget list, as it keeps the kids entertained and makes longer journeys more bearable for everyone.

Whether you choose an MPV or an SUV or any other vehicle that takes your eye and meets your needs, do remember to check out all the practical issues you will need the car to accommodate, before you part with your money.

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