5 Tips for Making your Business More Efficient

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Internet SuccessIn a world where the economic climate seems to be constantly against us and technology changes at a dramatic rate, it can be difficult to know what systems you should have in place to run your business efficiently. It may be that you have a small business with no office base, or you could have a large office with multiple employees. Either way the technology and software you choose to use will have an effect upon how your business performs.

The modern age of business technology solutions has led to working patterns that are more different than ever before. We can hold meetings remotely, access our desktops whilst traveling and we have a higher level of security. This has helped many businesses survive the economic downturn and many have even grown. Here are 5 of the “must have” technologies available that will help build your business efficiency and create a better working environment.

Remote Desktop Access

One of the greatest technological triumphs over the past few years has been the development of remotely accessing our desktops whilst we are in a different location. For many years, one of the issues facing businesses has been staff shortage due to illness, holidays or any other reason where staff simply can’t get into the office. Now, however, this is no longer a problem as many companies have installed remote desktop access protocols, like the services provided by Ericom, which has allowed productivity to continue without the need to be physically in the office.

There are many other productivity benefits from having this form of protocol in place. If you, like many of us, have to travel to meetings then you know that preparation on the go can mean bringing multiple data forms with you. If you have remote access capabilities then all you will need is a laptop and you can prepare for your meeting without taking anything out of the office.

Cloud Storage

Efficient documentation storage is one of the classic issues faced by businesses today. When there is so much data to be stored, items get misplaced, damaged or lost, hindering business productivity and even growth. The most effective and one of the most secure forms of documentation storage have to be in the cloud. Cloud storage will give you the chance to have all your documentation saved in one place, making damage and loss much easier to manage and less likely to happen. By choosing to transfer your files to a cloud facility, you will also notice a higher level of safety and security as they are stored externally from your place of work.

Personal Data Protection

Cloud storage leads us nicely onto the latest technology to protect your private data, making your working environment secure and enabling productivity to happen without fear of loss or criminal activity. A data breach can destroy businesses; even small security issues can have a direct impact on reputation, productivity and cost your company exponential amounts to fix. The most common forms of data breaches happen through cybercriminal activities, viruses, hackers and malware are all areas that need to be examined. There are many security packages; Microsoft, for example, offers advice for businesses which is a very useful resource. There are also many external companies, such as Hamilton, who offer data protection software.

Join the Wireless Revolution

Unlike the last two forms of technology, the inclusion of wireless broadband into your office has obvious productivity benefits, but still many people haven’t moved to wireless broadband. If you don’t use wireless technology then you may find that you are limited not only by accessible location but also by speeds, plans and data allowance. The beauty of broadband is that your staff can access it anywhere and through multiple devices. As more and more of us are using tablets, Smartphone’s and laptops for work, the productivity of being able to access the internet from all of them is integral. Working environments have changed over the past ten years, so realistically so should your business technology needs.

Analyze Performance

Productivity can only really be determined by analyzing the performance of your company over a planned timescale. If you run an online business, such as an eCommerce store, then you can monitor your sites performance using Google Analytics or Hittail. An increase in visitors or keywords will show you how productive your company is. If you are an offline business, then there are many ways to monitor your performance. New accounting technology such as CS Management Systems that will monitor your finances through accounting software, scaling revenue growth is a great way to look at your productivity needs.


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