5 Tips to Streamline Getting State Income Tax Refund

| January 2, 2012

5 Tips to Streamline Getting State Income Tax Refund
May 30, 2011 · Posted in Tax Refund

The only thing worse than having to file taxes is that people in many states have to file twice: once with the IRS and again with their state. Luckily, state filing also often come with a refund. Follow the five tips below to smooth out and speed up your state income tax refund!

1. File Your Return Early If Possible

There are two busy time for income tax filing. The first is the beginning of February when W-2s are being received. The second is right before the filing deadline. If you find yourself in the latter group you may be in for quite a wait as they process all of the returns. A better option is to file as soon as possible, as they process returns in roughly the order that they’re received.

2. Use the Correct Forms

Nothing will slow down your return more than using the wrong forms. Take the time to ensure that you’re not only using the correct form, but that it is also for the correct year. If you’re filing for more than one state some states offer specialized forms if you’re simply filing for a refund. Take advantage of these as they’ll save you time while preparing your returns.

3. Attach All Required Documents

Most states require you to attach part of your federal return as well as W-2s when filing your state taxes. By attaching the correct documents you’ll be able to speed up not only the processing of your return, but also avoid costly delays that could result if you have to submit additional documentation.

4. Take Advantage of Electronic Filing if Available

Many states are starting to allow electronic filing. This allows you to fill out and file your return electronically. This speeds up your return by getting your information into the system more quickly and allowing the state to automate much of the processing. The result is a faster refund.

5. Use Direct Deposit

Most states, in addition to the federal government, now offer a direct deposit option when processing your return. By using this option your refund will simply show up in your bank account once your return is processed. This not only saves the government the cost of the stamp, but can speed up your refund by as much as two weeks.

With the tips above you’re well on your way to a speeding up your state refund.

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