5 Ways To Raise Quick Cash For a Rainy Day

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Have you suddenly been the recipient of an unexpected bill? Or do you simply need funds to book your next holiday? Here are ways to raise some quick cash:

  1. Sell things. This might seem obvious but most people have so much in their house that they don’t even consider selling. However, on eBay you are likely to find a buyer for almost anything. Clothes, shoes and DVD’s are the obvious saleable items, but what about unopened bath products? Printer Ink? Stationary or kids school books? There is a market for just about anything.
  2. Consider a clinical trial. These vary immensely according to qualifying needs and the area you live in. They can also last from 1 day to over 1 month. They are usually well paid though, and not all involve trying out new drugs. Search in your area and see what comes up. You might be surprised.
  3. Offer your services. Many people have something they are really good at but don’t consider offering those services to others for cash. Are you good at writing letters? Art? How about walking? Why not offer to walk pets in your area for money. List your creative services on the internet and get paid for doing something you excel at.
  4. Get a loan. This may not be something you want to consider, but if all else fails, it’s an option. Why not try a Car Titles Loans – eTitleloan.com, which is where you borrow money against your car – but you get to keep your car and drive it as long as you stick to the loan repayments. Using your car as capital can be an excellent solution for those with a low credit score.
  5. Rent out your driveway. If you live in an area close to a train station or city which only offers expensive parking and you have room on your driveway, offer it for cash. People will pay weekly for a less expensive car parking space – it’s also more secure for them than leaving their car in a public car park.

Although making cash quickly isn’t easy, there are many ways to do it – just think outside the box.

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