A No Nonsense Guide to Park Home Insurance

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You can never be too careful, particularly when it comes to insuring your home and your prized possessions. But what if you don’t reside in a conventional suburban setting, but in a trailer or manufactured home in a trailer park community setting? Well, the principles are the same but the insurance process is slightly different. Make no mistake though: insurance for park homes is essential nowadays. Since their humble beginning in California in the early 1900s, park homes have grown to form well designed and aesthetically pleasing little communities – sites that are unfortunately at as much risk as standard residential homes.


What to Expect from Your Policy

Naturally as a park home is not a conventional home, there are some specifics that you will need to be aware of when negotiating your insurance policy. Insurers may very well differ considerably in their precise definition of what a park home is. Accordingly, be sure to read over your insurer’s terms and conditions carefully, as they may have require your home to have specific elements in order to be properly covered. Likewise, some insurers may not include external elements (such as awnings and gazebos) in your policy, so you may want to insist on an insurance firm who will class these as party of your residence. The location of your park home will also be of significant interest to prospective insurers. If, for instance your park home is located within a community that has a vulnerability to flooding for example, they may ask you to pay a premium or in some cases, will refuse to offer you cover completely.


How to Get the Best Insurance Quote

It goes without saying that you need to shop around – online and in person – in order to get the best possible deal that suits your specific needs. Whilst major insurance companies obviously have a reputation, they might not always offer you the coverage that you require. Therefore, it is highly advisable to contact companies who specialize in park home insurance, as they may be far more competent in providing you with a policy that is truly right for your individual situation. Towergate Insurance have a great reputation for providing customer specific policies, so that will more than likely be your starting point.


Don’t Settle for Second Best

These are just a few tips to help you get started. Of course, when choosing your park home insurance, get as many opinions as possible. Most importantly though, never settle for anything less than the perfect policy when it comes to ensuring the safety of your home and its contents.


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