Aged Mortgage Leads

| November 5, 2011

Potential Uses For Aged Mortgage Leads

What are aged mortgage leads? These are simply lists of people who have applied for a home loan. While fresh mortgage leads are compiled within 24 hours after the application was submitted, aged leads can be anything from weeks to months old.

The reason why many marketers rather make use of aged leads is that they are much cheaper than current leads. They also find that they still get a very good success rate when marketing to people on these aged lists. This provide for a very good return on investment as far as spending on leads is concerned.

If you, for example sell a product that is aimed at the home owner, an aged list should be sufficient for your purposes. You know that these people have recently either acquired a property or took up a 2nd mortgage. They could very well therefore be in the market and also have the funds to pay for the products you are selling.

Another type of marketer that find these leads useful is the insurance salesman. If you sell home-owners insurance or even life insurance, such a list can be a valuable asset to you in identifying potential customers. Approaching those on the list could well provide you with excellent results.

Just remember one thing: There is no such thing as an exclusive list of leads. The same lists are sold to a wide variety of buyers. These people will all be marketing to the same people. You should keep this in mind when training your sales staff.

The fact that you are competing with other sales people for the attention of those on the leads list also means that you will need a product that is competitively priced. It’s no use you have excellent sales people, but they’re trying to sell a product that is totally overpriced. A sales lead is not a passport to selling inferior products at exorbitant prices. It’s simply a list of people who could be turned into buyers when approached correctly.

When buying leads off the Internet, you should make sure where the company gets those leads from. It makes no sense buying from someone who is simply buying leads from another website and then resells them. You will only end up paying more than you should. Always try to locate a leads provider who gets his leads directly from the credit bureaus.

When you make use of this type of leads for the first time, locate a company with a refund policy. The leads they provide might be totally outdated, e. G. The contact information for a large number of people on the list could no longer be valid. Once you have a reliable leads provider, stick with them.

Aged mortgage leads is a cheap way for marketers to test the effectiveness of leads in their particular industry. You can easily try out various marketing ideas on this test group to see what works best. Once you are satisfied you have the perfect marketing strategy, you can switch to the more expensive fresh mortgage leads.

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