All about Home Insurance and the “Live-in” Burglar

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Did you hear the story about the “live-in” burglars that spent a weekend cooking themselves chicken, watching the TV and using the Jacuzzi before making off with the family’s valuables? It seems thieves are getting bolder and more confident in their actions. The burglars hit a house in Woodview, Phoenix, when the householders were away for the weekend. The burglars took jewellery and electronics and they also drank most of the alcohol in the place and also flooded the bathroom because they didn’t know how to work the Jacuzzi properly. Another resident of Pinetown came home early from vacation to find that burglars had been listening to music and cooking while looking through the family’s things.

According to police, an increasing number of burglars are looking for homes where they know the family is away for the weekend or even the week, which gives them more time to “relax” and steal at will. In the face of this news, is there anything you can do to protect yourself from the loss of valuables, and the damage caused by burglars burning the sausages? Here is where household insurance from is invaluable.

Peace of Mind


You cannot insure against the sentimental value of your things but you can put a price on the value of your home’s contents. When taking out insurance make sure you are properly covered for all of your things in case you are the victim of a housebreak. Taking out a comprehensive home cover policy gives you peace of mind – you may not be able to avoid burglars breaking in but you will be able to get the money back for anything they take or break.

Household Coverage 

The items included in a home insurance package are generally the furniture and the fittings including rugs and carpets, bedcovers, towels and linen; clothes and shoes; electronics like TVs, tablets, DVD recorders, computers, and cell phones; toys and games including electronic games; sports equipment; tools like lawn mowers, saws and drills; and jewellery. In addition, you can get cover for any damage to your home or the items within your home. For example, even if there is no break-in, your TV could still fall and break, or your bathroom could flood – home contents insurance helps protect against the cost of replacing these items.

Extra Benefits

In addition, home insurance offers a number of other benefits that are useful in terms of protecting you and your guests or employees. For example, an insurance policy may cover the medical expenses of guests and domestic employees, the personal effects of these people, the contents of your fridge or freezer (useful when considering the number of burglars fixing themselves snacks while you are away), and treatment for trauma. Whether a burglar stays for one hour or for three days, good protection with home insurance means you don’t lose money as a result of this criminal activity.

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