Analyzing the Business Success of Dell Inc

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Dell Inc

Dell Inc. began at the University of Texas in 1984. It was here that Michael Dell constructed and sold the first personal computer of the Dell company right from his college dorm room. The initial name of Dell Inc. was PC’s Unlimited. Michael was ultimately named the youngest CEO that ever headed a Fortune 500 company. Dell Inc. was first named on this list in the year 1992.

The History of Dell Computers and Dell Inc.

Michael Dell started this company with only $1,000. A short four years later, each share of Dell computer stock was being sold for $8.50 each, and the IPO raised $30 million. From the very beginning of the company, the appeal of this brand was the ability to purchase a custom-built computer.

Since initially formed, the Dell Company has employed almost 80,000 individuals, which is five times more than the staff of the University of Texas where Dell Inc. was created. Today the Dell brand is available for purchase at stores such as Staples, Walmart, and other retail locations.

Competitive Strength

Only a short time ago the Dell brand was considered “king of computers.” The Dell name quickly marched past all other competitors. In recent years, however, this company seems to be coasting along, satisfied with the success it once achieved. While Dell is still a relevant contender in the computer realm, it has had few new developments

Recently Dell has come back to life and spurred new investor enthusiasm with the introduction of Project Ophelia. This is the first attempt into the realm of the Android-powered stick computers. The plan is to have this device contain internal computing hardware that can handle any high-definition video encoding as well as decoding. It will run on Android for any internal tasks; however, the majority of the tasks will be offloaded to various cloud servers. This includes the actual operating system.

The Future of Dell Inc.

The truth is that currently consumers and critics have a slightly negative view of Dell due to the reliance of sales on hardware and personal computers that have not fully adapted to the most recent technological advances. The company is boasting a bright future in the software industry, allowing them to be able to compete with the other major players in the game.

The plan that Dell has developed is to morph the company into a mini version of IBM, offering a wide array of software products, as well as other types of corporate technology. This software is going to be beneficial to any company that is finding itself struggling to keep up with tablet computers, smartphones, and other varieties of personal devices.

While there is a potential buyout deal on the horizon, not many details have been revealed, leaving some consumers wondering about the future of Dell. The CEO, Michael Dell, assures that if the buyout occurs, it will not change the brand’s approach to the products that are offered or the relationship that Dell Inc. has with its customers.


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