Benefits of Electronic Currencies

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If you do a lot of online shopping or pay for services online then creating an EgoPay e-wallet can help you to feel safer when getting and transferring money to an online merchant account. EgoPay allows you to safely purchase online goods, pay for services, subscriptions, and entertainment all through using electronic currency.  EgoPay is a registered company from Belize and is not only a safe business but it also provides you with a safe online environment in which you can use to make purchases. All you have to do is set up an account at and then fund your account.  You can fund your account by using an exchanger by bank wire, a credit card, western union, a check, or other means of transferring funds.  Shopping online with your EgoPay e-wallet is safe as no personal information or detail are given you are shopping online, is SSL encrypted which means that your personal information can be accessed by no one else.  You can easily add money to Payza or other exchangers that accept EgoPay.

When using EgoPay you can set up multiple e-wallets for different types of accounts.  You can set up an online merchant account or an online exchanger account.  With these accounts you can keep better track of your transactions and you can make instant payments to others or get money instantly from others without having to worry about your information getting out.

When sending your e-currency funds to bank accounts or taking money from your banking account to transfer to your e-currency fund you can use an exchanger. An exchanger offers you the options of sending or receiving money safely.  EgoPay uses multiple exchangers that take various payment options like credit cards, prepaid cards, bank wires, bank transfers, checks, and money orders.  Others take solid trust pay, perfect money, or liberty reserve as payment options.  The methods vary based on where the exchange is taking place and in which language.

To use an EgoPay account there are fees involved.  These fees vary based on what type of account you want to set up.  When you set up an account with EgoPay they receive 1.5% plus $0.25 for every dollar for a personal account.  For a business account they receive 2.5% plus $0.50 for every dollar and for an exchanger account they receive 1.5% plus $0.25.

When you use EgoPay you are using electronic currency or e-currency which is virtual money.  Your e-currency has the same value as normal currency but it can be used online for transactions of all types.  This means that buying something that is in pounds while you are using dollars is not a problem as the e-currency is automatically converted and the amount is used to easily pay for and purchase what you need.  This means that distance, borders, and currency do not stop you from making purchases, or sending money to family or friends, or transferring money.

EgoPay is a great and safe way to effectively pay for and transfer money from a variety of places and over great distances.  When you use EgoPay you do not have to feel afraid that your information will fall into the wrong hands and you can make transactions safe and easy.

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