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| November 5, 2011

Different Uses For Bulk Mortgage Leads

Bulk mortgage leads are simply lists of people who applied for mortgage loans in the recent past. These lists can either be fresh, i. E. Contain applications made during the past 24 hours, or aged, which means they can be anything from a few days to a few months old. Who should be interested in this type of leads?

One of the primary types of users are people in the financing business. If someone just applied for a home loan, it could well mean that he is moving into a new house. He could therefore be in the market for a 2nd mortgage to make improvements or alterations to the property. Finance providers often use telemarketers to contact these people.

If you are in the construction business, you could also find this type of list useful. Once again the fact that someone is moving into a new property could mean that he is a potential candidate for perhaps a second garage or another bedroom at the new premises. Especially fresh mortgage leads could provide you with a way to contact him while he is still excited about the new place and in a frame of mind to spend money on improving it.

Insurance providers also make use of this type of leads list. They employ a variety of marketing techniques to contact people on the list and explain their offerings to them. Very often you will find that if someone just bought a property he is also interesting to take out home-owners insurance or life insurance.

If you are in the home appliance business, these lists of mortgage applicants can of course also come in very handy. If someone is moving into a new house or apartment, he might very well be interested in buying a new refrigerator, stove or washing machine. Even if he took up a 2nd mortgage, you know he’s got some cash and he could well become a customer of yours.

Even vehicle salesmen can successfully use a mortgage list to get sales leads. People moving into a bigger house are often socially mobile and they might want to buy a vehicle to suit their improved social status. Young families could on the other hand be in the market for a second car.

You should always take into account that these leads lists are sold to multiple customers at the same time. It’s therefore not only your sales people that will be contacting the, but also a lot of others. Fresh sales leads are more expensive than aged ones, but if you want to be first in the row it makes a lot of sense to always buy leads that are fresh.

If you buy bulk mortgage leads, just make sure that it contains the contact information of the persons involved. Often people would specifically request that their contact details not be made public when they apply for a bond. Their name might then still appear on a so-called ‘No Contact’ list, which isn’t very useful for marketers.

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