Can I Afford a Mausoleum?

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The simple answer is, “Yes. Probably,” but things are rarely that simple. The slightly more complicated answer is, “It depends on the type of mausoleum you’re looking at.” Mausoleum burial is a good choice for those that want:

  • a distinctive and everlasting burial place
  • not to be buried in the ground
  • family and friends to have a comfortable, controlled environment during visits.

 Affordable Community Mausoleum Burial

Generally, the least expensive option for mausoleum burial is to purchase a crypt in a community mausoleum. These cemetery-owned properties have hundreds to thousands of crypts lining interior and exterior walls. Crypts hold one or more deceased persons, and are priced for location and size. Interment in a community mausoleum crypt costs in the few thousand to $20,000 range, sometimes less than the cost of burial.

Affordable Private Mausoleum

Those preferring a private mausoleum burial to rest in peace alone or with loved ones may choose a small, pre-built mausoleum. These mausoleums are effectively standalone crypts, and do not have interior access. The mausoleum is placed on a purchased cemetery plot or, uncommonly, on private property. Mausoleum costs for these small private mausoleums on a cemetery plot are $20,000 – $100,000.

Private Mausoleums

The classic mausoleum image is of a stone vestibule family mausoleum situated on a large cemetery plot. A vestibule mausoleum is a walk-in mausoleum with a door and an open interior space. Whether the size of a small room or a small house, private mausoleums may house a single person or multiple generations of a family. They are often custom-designed and built out of high-quality enduring granite. The range in design, size, and price is substantial. A room-sized private mausoleum with a relatively basic design costs about $100,000. A large or elaborate mausoleum with artistic elements costs over $1,000,000.

Research community mausoleums and private mausoleums online or by speaking with local cemetery directors. Mausoleums offer an opportunity for a distinctive burial.


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