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Asian and European companies are creating more growth prospects of M&A in agriculture

A growing population along with economic prosperity contributes to the emerging market demand for food supply. With more investments in farmland, especially in Asia and Europe, raised M&A deals is making agriculture one to watch for.

By the year 2050, the world’s population growth is expected to reach nine billion, an explosive over 2 billion more people than the present. There will be a significant increase in the demand for meat and dairy. Also, more people will be living in the cities by that time, which means with the growing landscape, reduced farmlands for cultivation could play a serious part. It is a challenge to feed the rising population and considering that at about 1.4% increase in grains produced each year, overall a 30% increase is expected by 2030 and 70% by 2050.

An analysis: Scaling M&A in Eastern Europe and Asia

Productivity in agriculture can be increased tremendously with the use of technology. Weather affects food production and technology plays a vital role in increasing sustainable yields with high level of agricultural solution. A vast amount of data analysis regarding soil and weather is allowing farmers to receive ample advice and recommendations. Such improvements in the sector are hugely responsible for the current involvement of M&A in agribusiness.

The trend has been mostly seen in Eastern Europe and Asia. Despite uncertainties in the political and economic scenarios of these regions, interests in merger and acquisitions is signaling a greater confidence among investors. In 2016, the global M&A activities stood at a huge $3.6 trillion, four times greater value of deals than the previous year.

According to the Willis Towers Watson M&A Risk Consulting Company the change in M&A will be noticeable in the next 3-years time. By 2010, in Asia alone, M&A activities will be at a minimum of 250 occurrences every year. Calculating the surge, that kind of an increase would mean a whopping per cent rise since 2015. Stating the fact, Dirk Roethig, M&A manager of Düsseldorf Germany indicated a significant growth of merger and acquisition business in Eastern Europe. “It (M&A) will only rise, particularly in Eastern Europe and the primary reason being huge cash balances representing a total of 17 percent of assets. The cost of cash will always remain higher due to lower interest rates.”

Agricultural impact leading to increased M&A

Agriculture is an industry that will always remain vital and looking at the M&A trends, it is found that more focus is laid on farming and companies that manufacture seeds, chemicals, and various fertilizers. Since the 35% surge in the beginning of 2014, the exponential rise will continue even in 2018. Such a stability has only aroused the confidence of investors with more integrated technology and rising agribusiness capitals, there has been a steady stream of demand in Eastern Europe and Asia. As the progress with advancements in technology, better seeds and pesticides being used in agriculture, M&A in agribusiness is extremely lucrative.

Uncertainties in agriculture are now becoming more and more minimal and the most emergent leaders are from the Asia and Eastern European nations. The deal-making abilities of individual countries have improved greatly that has led to further sustainability and dependability in the future.

Calculated Risks Worth Taking

Successful financial management is all about making smart decisions. Sometimes that means taking calculated risks. After all, those small gambles can often open the door to far greater stability and freedom. Ultimately, nobody ever got anywhere by constantly playing the safe game.

That shouldn’t be an excuse to throw caution to the wind, however. Every risk needs to be carefully considered before making a final decision. This means taking your circumstances into account too. Nonetheless, here are some that are commonly worthwhile.



Financial Investments

There’s nothing wrong with letting your savings accumulate in a bank account. Nevertheless, it’s very rare that this will be the best solution for unlocking quicker growth and maximised potential. Smart investments are often the factor that makes all the difference to a person’s personal wealth.

The list of potential investments is virtually endless. While all come with a sense of risk, choosing real estate or a less vulnerable area is advised. When investing in stocks, for example, you could lose everything. When you have a genuine physical asset, you can always cut your losses if things go wrong.

In truth, though, dealing in properties will usually bring immense gains. It’s a simple idea of supply and demand.


Going For Gold

Not all investments require a huge level of capital. Sometimes, you can afford to risk a small amount of cash for the shot at a life-changing outcome. The key in these situations is to find activities that offer minimal risk for potentially monumental gains.

In truth, games such as the lottery are your best option in these cases. While you may lose the small amount of a ticket price, you could potentially win millions. Furthermore, the fact that no skill is involved means that you have a chance at winning without putting time or energy into the activity.

If you’re struggling to justify the potential loss, why not use this as a motivation to quit a bad habit like smoking? That way, you’re a winner even if those numbers don’t come up.


Smart Home Upgrades

Everybody deserves a happy home, and regular upgrades are a necessary feature to make that happen. Aside from boosting your life, they could go a long way to improving your financial wealth.

There’s always a slight risk that the projects won’t increase the property’s value or attraction. Eco-friendly upgrades such as water-saving toilets and new windows will usually bring a positive impact. This makes them a great choice for the immediate and long-term aspirations.

Money shouldn’t be the only motivator, as there’s no substitute for greater happiness within the home. Still, the fact that you could see financial rewards should be ignored at your peril.

Threatening To Quit Providers

Whether it’s car insurance or energy rates, the costs relating to services can fluctuate massively. Therefore, you must always go the extra mile to find the very best deals on the market. Sometimes, threatening to quit your current provider is an important aspect of this challenge.

Price comparison websites are a good starting point. However, you can often haggle yourself into a better deal by speaking to an advisor. You may need to get a little pushy to get what you want, which can sometimes result in no progress. Even if this does happen, though, you can usually find an equally good alternative at a similar price.

When things go well, though, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced rates without needing to switch accounts. For the sake of your finances and your sanity, this can only be a positive outcome.

Are You Well Placed To Start Up A Business At Home?

There are plenty of people that wish they could escape their nine to five job and start working the hours they want to do. It’s a dream that too many people never turn into reality. There are plenty of reasons for this. You might now have enough cash in the bank to support yourself while you’re building up your business. Or maybe you just don’t believe in your abilities to make it as an entrepreneur. What you should ask is if you are well placed to start up a business at home in the first place.


A home office is one thing. A cute desk in the smallest room of the house is quite typical. Running a business from home, however, demands a little more. You need peace and quiet to work even if the kids are home from school. You also need security in place if you’re handling client details and data. In the very least you should have a good sized desk with a comfortable office chair. This usually requires a fair amount of space.


If you quit your job, then chances are you’ll have the time to work for yourself. But most startups rely on their regular income to keep going for the first few months. That means you need to set up and run your business in your spare time. How will you tend to your customers or manage your orders out of business hours? And where on earth will you find the time to tend to your home life. Consider your work life balance before committing to all this extra hard work.

Pexels provided the photo


Even though you’re working from your own home, you should consider all the different types of insurance you will need. Your home contents insurance may need to be updated. If you have a mortgage, you might need to declare that you are running a business from your property. It’s essential you find affordable insurance to cover your business activities like liability insurance. This can be essential even if you meet your clients in their offices.

Subject Matter Expert

What are your credentials? If you are a service provider, you need to be an expert in your sector. Reputation is essential in the beginning, so make sure you have the experience and the credentials to attract new customers. If you are producing goods, then make sure your website is full of great photos of your items. Try to get coverage in magazines or on blog sites. Customer reviews make a huge difference. Remember to ask your old clients to leave some feedback too.


If you are running a business from home, then you need to have the support of all the other people that live there. This can include your neighbors as well if you regularly have clients over to your home. Don’t forget to do your best to accommodate their needs too. If you’re on the phone with one client, would a family member be willing to meet and greet one who visits? Set some ground rules, but don’t forget it’s their home too. Are you ready to set up a business at home?

Sort Your Finances Out: Smart Moves To Do It

Our financial situation can be a hindrance or a god send. You are either managing and able to do everything you want or simply struggling to make ends meet. So how do you change the depressing situation into something more positive? You simply take the action necessary. For some that is more extreme than others, which is why I thought I would share with you all some of the smart moves you can make to ensure that you sort your financial future out once and for all.


Sort through your finances

Your finances should be your first port of call when wanting to check over your current financial situation. So it may be a wise idea to get your last three months bank statement and simply work through them as best you can. Look through each transaction, and you may find that you have rogue payments leaving your bank account each month that you didn’t even realise. For example, gym memberships and magazine subscriptions tend to be the worst culprits. Finding out exactly how you spend your money can identify the best ways to reduce your outgoings once and for all.

Look at your debts

Debt can be one of the big costs to eat into your income each month. Of course, it all needs to be paid back, that is the whole point. But why not be savvy with your choices about it and ease up the amount you pay each month? A great way of doing this is consolidating all of the debts into one payment. This can be done by getting a loan. You save on interest and also have a payment plan to have it all be repaid back. Alternatively, you could switch a credit card balance to a new provider offering zero interest. Therefore the amount you pay is reducing the balance instead of paying out interest.


Start your own business in your spare time

Who doesn’t love the idea of becoming their own boss one day? Working the hours that suit you, earning a decent income while still getting that ideal work and life balance. However, for many of us, it can remain just a dream due to needing to rely on your current day job to pay the bills. But, you could start you own business in your spare time and work on it to make it a success. From starting a blog, selling items online, to developing and creating your own product, you just need the motivation to start. Once it is up and running and you can see a growth plan, you can consider giving up your job. In the meantime, it is earning you money which is boosting your current income levels. Win!

Slash your outgoings

If you don’t slash your outgoings, nothing will ever change, but I guarantee you will be paying out more than you should if you don’t regularly gives you finances a health check. You need to take some time to sit down with your bank statements and look through every outgoing you make. You might find you are paying out for things you thought you had canceled. You then could do with looking at your main bills and seeing if there are any cheaper deals elsewhere. Energy and insurance bills should be your first port of call. You can then go on to look and see if you can make changes to your food bill and clothing spend. By taking on different habits like meal planning and using coupons and discount codes, you might find you save yourself a hefty amount on a week by week basis.


Cut your food shopping bill

One of the biggest expense many households have is the food shopping bill. Each week you spend money, and each week you probably waste a lot. However, there is an easy resolve for overspending on your food shopping, and that is as simple as planning your meals in advance. This enables you only to buy what you need because you are in a position of writing a list. Having a list means you don’t buy things that will get wasted. Lot’s of people tend to not take advantage of discount coupons and voucher codes. These can offer dramatic savings when used on the things you buy regularly. Websites like are full of them.

Invest in property

Property will always be a wise decision to make when it comes to investments and boosting your income. Especially if you consider buying a home to let or a vacation property that can be used by clients. You can get so much more for your money abroad, which makes a holiday let or vacation property a wise choice. Websites like can highlight exactly what you can get for your money in certain parts of the world. However, you may want to stay close to home, especially if you plan to renovate or use your property as a local rental. It can be as easy as searching on the internet for homes for sale in ideal spots, and you can be on your way to earning a nice little income each month. You could also consider upsizing your own property and climb the property ladder, while it may not boost your income immediately it certainly increases your net worth for the future. Many people tend to do this naturally anyway, but it is always good to keep in mind exactly what you are wanting from your future.

Selling unwanted items

We all have cupboards, attics, lofts and basements full of things we don’t need. So rather than let them gather all of the dust why not consider selling some of it. I understand some items won’t have a value, but a lot of it will, and some of the things you thought wouldn’t have a value really does. It’s better in your bank account rather than being stored in a drawer or cupboard. Thankfully, with websites like eBay, it’s easy to sell unwanted or discarded items. If you have a quite a big amount of items to sell you could consider a garage sale or car boot. These provide great chances to sell a lot of things all at once, and you don’t need to be worrying about postage or packaging.

I hope this helps you sort your finances out.

Are You Taking Your Business Seriously Enough?

A company starts with an idea. It could be something that popped into your mind during a late Friday night that became a huge success, or it could be an idea that you’ve been playing with in your mind for the past few years. Whatever your claim to fame, it’s not luck that brought you to the position you are in. Whether you’re just a simple at-home business that trades from a residential address, or if you’ve taken steps to start up a physical location and have hired several employees, you need to start taking your business seriously if you want to capitalise on your idea.


Failing to capitalise

Most businesses fail—that’s just how it is. Either the product wasn’t suitable for the market, the service wasn’t needed, or the business owner neglected too many things that ultimately spelt death for the business. This kind of attitude towards business isn’t desirable. If you’re going to start a business and recruit several employees to assist you, then you need to take your business seriously and capitalise on your success.

If your product is selling like hot cakes to your audience and you’re being forced to close orders due to the demand, then you clearly have a winner on your hands and you’d be wise to do your best and ensure you can capitalise on this sudden burst of success. If you fail to diversify your product, fail to protect your brand because you neglected the importance of a lawyer, or simply just failed to invest your profits back into your business, then you could be throwing away the opportunity of a lifetime.

However, it’s understandable that you may be in a rough situation due to how sudden your success has been. Perhaps you’re just a humble business owner that never planned to get famous for their product, or maybe your first business was just a test that you wanted to capitalise on in the future. Either way, you’re in the fast lane now and you need to take your business seriously unless you want someone to come along and steal your idea.

Protecting your intellectual property

If your claim to fame is based on a design like a character, logo or a video game, then make sure that you’re protecting your property. Be it a trademark, copyright or anything similar, ensure you have lawyers on deck to give you advice on how to shut down copycats and imitations. The earlier you get in contact with a lawyer, the more likely you’ll be able to protect your brand in the future and the quicker you’ll be able to shut down imitations.

If you aren’t protecting anything, then someone could steal your brand name or product right underneath your nose and there is absolutely nothing you could do about it. There are always opportunists looking for a way to make a quick buck off of someone else’s misfortune. Don’t let those leeches steal your hard work. Hire a lawyer, seek legal advice, and do it as early as possible to avoid future disappointment.


Seeking other professional help

You’re not a professional business owner and you aren’t an entrepreneur. At least, not yet. If you want to become a successful business owner, then you need to seek professional help and be willing to open up to a mentor. Some of these services can be outsourced. For instance, you might need hedge fund IT support if you have investors knocking at your door every few days, you could hire a specialist accountant to help you manage your inflated books and you could even do with a receptionist that is capable of handling your calls and leaving you messages of the most important ones.

Time is money, but time is sadly something that a lone business owner doesn’t have. In order to capitalise on your growth and take your business more seriously, you’re going to need to shape up and seek professional help so you can learn as you run your business. If you’re unwilling to learn or you’re too stubborn to see that you are still very inexperienced, then your business might collapse overnight and you’ll be left with nothing but a useless and failed business that couldn’t deliver. Your idea will then be picked up by someone with more experience and they’ll capitalise on your hard work, leaving you in the dirt with regrets.

Leave no stone left unturned

One of the most important things about running a business is monitoring everything. Don’t let something happen for no reason. If there is an employee that is being disruptive, remove them before they poison the well and negatively affect those around them. If your customer service has received an appalling review with some very worrying claims, then investigate and get to the bottom of the issue. Don’t leave these issues unresolved, because the worst thing that can happen is that you neglect the finer details in your business and they grow to become large problems that are impossible to remove.

Take responsibility as a budding entrepreneur and stick your nose into every aspect of your business. Make sure you know exactly what is going on, where your money is going, and how customers are being treated. Don’t micromanage your employees and give them specific orders, but don’t neglect them and allow them to work however they want without consequence or worry.


Slowing down your growth

It sounds completely counter-intuitive to slow down your business growth. After all, why would you want to slow down if you’re gaining success? Shouldn’t you be capitalising on it?

While it’s true that business growth is usually a good thing, there is such a thing as growing too fast. You have to keep in mind that markets can fluctuate incredibly quickly. One minute a product will be the hottest holiday item and the next minute it might end up in bargain bins. The media has a funny way of generating excitement around products and then completely trashing on them once it’s revealed the product didn’t meet their expectations.

Just because your product or service is selling incredibly well during the first week, it doesn’t mean you can suddenly move into a new office and hire 10 more employees to cope with the growth. A sudden boost in sales doesn’t mean that you can afford to hire another dozen employees. Let the excitement fade away and give it some time before you make drastic changes. One of the biggest business killers is when a company hires too many employees or buys too many new appliances and technology to cope with a demand that isn’t there. You’ll end up firing employees early and selling off your new equipment before they can even be used. This is why it’s important to slow down your business growth and manage it properly instead of getting too far ahead of yourself.

Forgetting to diversify

Even Apple, the company famous for bringing the iPhone and iPad to the world, still has a market for older devices like the iPod. Apple diversifies their products to match different consumer needs. Aside from their standard iPhone, they have the iPhone plus which offers better performance and a larger screen, aimed at people who want a different experience to the standard iPhone.

Giving consumers choice like this is a fantastic way to continue growing your business and take it seriously. If you’re sitting on a single product because it sells well, then you’re neglecting the opportunities you have to market the same product towards a different audience or change the product slightly to match a different crowd’s needs. Listen to your customers, take their feedback into consideration, and don’t forget to diversify your products to get more attention.

Compensation: The Five Types You Should Understand

Compensation simply refers to the amount of money an employer pays to an employee for a particular reason. It could be related to the work they do, it could be an added benefit, or it could be for a particular reason. These can be broken down into five main categories. And whether you’re an employer or employee, you should understand them all.

1. Salary

For the basic work you do, you should be paid a salary. This is what every worker and employee gets for their work. Of course, there are laws and rights in place to protect pay. This is known as the minimum wage, and you should understand how much you are entitled to. The amount will depend on where you live and how old you are. Sometimes, young people are not entitled to as high a minimum wage as people above a particular age, so be aware of that.


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2. Commission

Sometimes, pay is linked to commission. This might be on top of the basic salary that a company pays its employees. The reason why companies choose to pay people in this way is that it encourages them to work harder. That’s because the quality of their work is directly linked to how much they get paid. This kind of pay structure is more common in certain industries than others. For example, people who do sales jobs are much more likely to be paid in this way.

3. Bonus Pay

On top other forms of pay, most people will also be paid bonuses. This might be a standard end of year bonus that all employees get given. Or it might be more closely linked to an employee’s individual performance throughout the year. By rewarding employees with additional pay, it’s hoped that they will work harder for the business and stay loyal to it. Every business has to keep hold of its best and brightest members of staff.

4. Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is different from the other forms of compensation in that it is only paid out when something goes wrong. There are many reasons for it being paid out. For example, someone might get hurt while doing their job. Or they might be subject to bullying or discrimination. Getting help from places like Orzoff Law Offices can help you to get this kind of compensation if you think you’re entitled to it. It’s something that you should definitely pursue if something bad has happened to you at work.

5. Stock Options

Some companies choose to make their employees shareholders in the business. This can be a good reason for many different reasons. What it mainly comes down to is making employees more invested in the company. When they hold stocks and shares in the business, they will earn more money when the business does well. Therefore, it will be in their best interests to push the business on and do everything in their power to make sure that it performs well.


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Playing The Long Game With Your Finances And Winning

Improving your finances isn’t solely about lifting yourself from muddy waters and getting yourself on an even keel. You owe it to yourself to do better than that. You owe it to yourself to succeed, to be comfortable and enjoy the results of hard work and smart decisions. You need to play the long-game, to end up with more than you started with. In this article, we’ll be looking at the steps that contribute to a long term financially happy life.



Start counting pennies

We’re looking at long-term plans. But that means you have to start looking at the short-term and how you get the best out of it, too. If you’re not keeping enough money in the short term, you won’t be able to put much into that long term. So, start budgeting to put money aside that goes into investment and saving opportunities. One of the most common and effective methods is the 50/30/20 rule. Limiting your needs, such as groceries and rent, to 50% of the budget. Your wants, short term pleasures, to 30%. Then putting 20% to improving your finances. Debt repayment, savings and investments. Obviously, those who want to live more frugally are free to skew things more heavily in favor of financial improvement. Adjusting in favor of the other ends of the scale isn’t recommended.

Value your credit

One of the best rules to make sure you avoid disaster is to use cash more than credit. But credit is useful. Credit can help you bridge the gap to make some of the bigger financial decisions in your life. Buying a car. Buying a house. Starting a business. You will get better deals that cost you less if you have healthy credit. Healthy credit is all about proving that you are a reliable borrower. Improving your credit is all about getting debts paid off and keeping up to date on current payments. One tip that isn’t shared as often is to not pay off loans early. Creditors rely on steady repayment of loans. Jumping the gun can be just as much a neglecting of your agreement with them as falling behind is. So be careful with that.

Get the short term out of the way

Have your budget done? Tidied up how you’re managing your credit? Good. Now, there’s one more aspect of short-term financial health to be settled. Simply put, it’s about having a bit of money squirreled away. An emergency fund should be roughly three months’ worth of salary. This can take some time to save up, but it’s a good safety blanket against the unpredictability of life. Putting as much space between you and further debt as possible.



The end comes first

What is your long term aim? It should be to get to the point where you’re able to put less time into work and just relax as your money grows. Or at least to not have to work well into your twilight years. Retirement is an end to working life that everyone should have prepared. So don’t make the common mistake of treating it like a token contribution. If your employer matches your retirement payments, pay the upper limit of what you can get them to match. Don’t waste a great deal like that. Look at the possibility of getting yourself involved in an IRA or non-retirement accounts as well. A bit of your money should always be going to save for the far future.

Learn the markets

The problem with saving, of course, is that it’s slow. Even compared to the safest of investments. So, investing is crucial. The best, first place to start investing is in the markets of foreign exchange. Forex takes a good deal of learning. Of being able to read the news and see how news (such as a new president) might affect the economy.  Of analyzing currency relationships and using past data to scout out reliable ones. Of different purchasing strategies. However, once you get the terminology and methods down, it’s mostly intuitive. Learn forex from those who can teach it in a course-like setting, so it’s not too daunting. Spend some time with a demo account to get yourself used to it, too.

Diversify your investments

Forex is a great place to really start trading, but it’s not the only place. You do not want all your financial eggs in one basket. Particularly with investing. You should have other processes working to either mitigate your loss or heighten your gains. This is what having a diverse portfolio is all about. Go for safe bets as well as the more immediately lucrative one. Invest in companies you know as well as ones you’re analyzing. Look at securities and fixed-income solutions, as well. By putting a portion of your investment money into safer bets, you’re giving yourself a much needed layer of safety. Even if you are slowing your potential rate of income. Slow and steady wins the race.



Create a reliable cash cow

The markets are somewhat free from the average investor’s influence. Which makes them relatively safe from your own errors, but also hands-off. If you want a more hands-on form of investment, put that great credit to use. Get a loan and start a business. The investor’s method to starting a business is not about getting struck with a bolt of inspiration and proving an idea’s greatness. Instead, look at the market around you. Look at what it’s lacking. At the safe bets. You want a reliable cash cow, not necessarily a huge brand. Of course, if you’re encountered with an idea that truly does catch your passion, it could be worth it, too.

On your path to financial success, you’re going to have to keep your eyes out for more opportunities than just the ones mentioned. You might find investment or savings opportunities in all kinds of places. Financially savvy means calculating the risk involved, but also taking the occasional risk. Just make sure you’re never playing a hand you can lose too much on.

5 Financial Faux Pas Military Service Personnel Need To Avoid

Being in the military means that you get to defend your country. You also learn a vast range of skills, many of which you can also use in civilian life. Most people in the military feel honored to be defending their homeland.

The trouble is, a lot of military personnel lose focus on their personal lives. And, often, many make bad financial decisions. Ones that can have an adverse impact on their immediate families.

If you’re in the military, you need to make sure that you avoid making the following five financial faux pas:


Image Obtained From Wikimedia Commons

  1. Buying a house

As people get older, many want to start establishing roots. It’s the same for those in active service. Many personnel may even have spouses and young children in tow. To them, buying a house makes perfect financial sense.

But, the opposite is true, sadly. The nature of the job means that you will spend little time in that house. And neither will your family if they travel with you while you’re on active duty.

  1. Not planning for your retirement

Let’s face it. You’re not going to spend your entire life in the military. At some point, you will want to relax and live out your twilight years in comfort. One thing a lot of military men and women don’t do is plan for their retirement.

Many folks will quit the military and get civilian jobs before they retire. Did you know that they have to buy back their military time so that it can get applied to civilian pensions? The sad truth is the process is often complex and annoying. You can help from My Fed Benefits to make the process easier.

  1. Not improving your money management skills

It’s tempting to spend the money you earn on all kinds of material possessions. After all, shopping makes you feel good about yourself, right?


Image Obtained From Pixabay

The trouble with that approach is that your money will soon dry up. You could end up needing to take out loans just to cover your monthly expenses. Soon, you could end up in a cycle where you’d have to borrow money to cover existing debts. All military personnel should take advantage of free financial management skills offered.

  1. Not thinking about careers after military service

When your tour of duty ends, you may wish to return to civilian life. One surprising fact is that those who transition back into their old lives don’t know what to do next!

They have no idea what kinds of jobs they could do when they leave the military. The good news is that many skills acquired during military service can get used in civilian jobs.

  1. Buying a car

Yes, a car is useful for getting around. Especially if you get stationed at a military base. In many ways, buying a car is just as bad as buying a house when you’re still in the military.


Image Obtained From Flickr

If you get stationed in other countries, it’s hard to take your car with you. Plus, if you take out a loan to get the car, you might not be able to afford the repayments.

Haven’t Started a Business Yet? What’s Stopping You?

A startling amount of people want to start their own business. Why? You may assume it’s because everyone has the dream of being a renegade, billionaire entrepreneur. And, for sure, that will drive a few people. It may even be somewhere on the minds of everyone who wants to start their own company. But, for the most part, people want to start their own companies because they want to work for themselves. To be their own boss. To avoid being under the thumb of someone else.



So why aren’t more people starting businesses? Why haven’t you started your own company yet? Here is a look at some of the more common reasons that people don’t rush into this endeavour.

Not having the right idea

Well, this is a pretty “fallen straight out of the gate” one, here. You want to start a company but you don’t actually know what the company is going to do. Or maybe you do know what the company is going to do, but you don’t think you have a particular hook that’s going to really grab consumers. If your problem is the first one, then you need to go right back to that drawing board. You can’t just like the idea of starting your own company. You need to have a killer idea that is going to get you customers before you start thinking about anything else. Build your company around the idea, not the other way around.



If the problem you’re having is the second one, then at least you’ve gotten that far. But it sounds like you need to figure about what your unique selling proposition is. What is going to make people come to your service and not a similar one? How are you going to make your product less similar to another one? Follow a guide on defining your unique selling proposition. With your USP better defined, you’ll have more confidence to move forward.

Lack of capital

This one is a massive kicker; the roadblock to most prospective companies with a great idea. This is probably the one that most people struggle with. After all, as the adage goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money! If you don’t have the capital (that is, the initial funds with which you will begin your business), then your idea may be dead in the water. Some people get scared off at this point. They feel that the capital has to be some large and unholy number. And, in some circumstances, that may very well be true. It depends what your idea is. So assess your idea and ask yourself how much you’d realistically need. You may not require the millions upon millions of dollars that you may have initially assumed.

So how the heck do people get capital? Well, if you take your idea to the right people then you may end up with big investments. Of course, this may require more connections on the inside than you have. And maybe you’ve even tried to talk to professional business people who have all rejected your idea. The trick here is to look towards other potential investors. They don’t all have to be suits. As you may have heard, crowdfunding is a very popular and modern way of attaining capital.



But you’ve probably seen the types of projects that get big bucks on Kickstarter. They’re often video games, sometimes movies, sometimes gadgets. If you’re planning to work in those arenas, great! But if you’re not looking to get into entertainment, then there are other options. Peruse a list of more business-oriented crowdfunding platforms to see if the right option is there for you.

Unable to get a loan

Of course, the alternative to modern crowdfunding is simply to get a loan. But some of you may have already attempted this and found my use of the word “simply” inappropriate. Many people think that getting a loan is fairly easy and that all one has to do is ask their bank. They seem to think that the only prevention is their own fear or ethical stances. The fact is that there are a lot of potential roadblocks when it comes to getting a business loan. And if you’re trying to start up a company, then it’s likely that it’s all going to come down to how you look as an individual to a creditor.

The most common reason for loan requests being rejected is that the applicant has a bad credit score. If that applies to you, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that your dreams of getting a loan are dead. First of all, how many creditors did you go to? Did you only go to one? Two? Here is something you must know, and it’s something that creditors may have misinformed you about. You do not have a universal credit score.



When you apply for a loan, a creditor will assess your financial records in order to see how trustworthy they find you. How likely it is that you will pay them back the money you borrow within the time frame that they determine. They will make this judgement based on many factors. But some of those factors will be unique to that creditor. Other creditors will use different criteria. In short, a bad credit score from one company doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely get a bad score from another. So be sure to visit a few creditors. However, if you have gotten back maybe three or four bad credit scores, then you may need to look into fixing the issue. Consider working with one of the best credit repair companies listed on to get your scores looking good again.

Worried about tax and regulations

This one may surprise you. The reason it may surprise you is because there’s a possibility that you haven’t even thought about this. When you start a company, there are a lot of legal issues you have to deal with. You have to make sure you contact the government and/or national revenue agency. You need to arrange the right tax codes with them, ensuring that they know you’ve started a business and what kind of business it is you’ve started.



Do you feel that this is something that would overwhelm you enough to not want to play the own-boss game? If so, there’s a fairly simple solution. Hire an accountant! You can look into getting a full-time accountant or financial controller for your business. That, or you can hire a part-time freelancer to help you with the initial stages. Don’t be put off by this step when it’s so easy to get the help you need.

Need More Cash? One Week Is All You Need

Most people will encounter moments where an injection of extra cash would be highly appreciated. Whether it’s to escape debt, fix a fault in the home, or something else doesn’t matter. If you need money, there’s nothing more frustrating than not having it.

Money might not be the most important thing in the world, but not having it at the important times can have seriously negative impacts. Knowing ways to earn some extra cash in a matter of days is information that everybody should familiarise themselves with. We’ve got some cracking options below.

So next time you’re caught short, stop hitting the panic button and utilise these tips.




Quick Cash Loan

The easiest way to gain an injection of cash is to borrow it from an official lender. However, if time is of the essence, going through the application process can be a stumbling block. Worse still, a rejected application will be wasting your time.

One of the best alternatives is to take out an online cash loan. The application process is often less strict while the money could arrive in your account within a matter of hours. Another advantage over more traditional borrowing is that you can lend much smaller sums of money.

Sell Items On Ebay

Over the years, all families acquire a lot of junk. Rather than letting it sit in your garage unused, those items could be making your serious money. As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Selling items on eBay is easy. Put auctions up for a three or five-day auction and you could have money sitting in your account by the end of the week. Link your PayPal account to your bank and you should be able to transfer those funds to the latter within two hours.

As well as the extra cash, you’ll gain some extra floor space around the home.



Become A Trader

Another option for those looking to earn some quick money is to turn your attention to stock trading. If you make the right decisions, your investments could make a serious amount of money within a few short days.

One of the best markets for new traders to use is the Forex. It’s probably the easiest to understand while trading hours are also longer than most other markets. Do be aware that your money is at risk, though, and you could potentially walk away with a loss.

Speaking to a professional broker could serve you well, but it still comes with no guarantees. Nevertheless, it can be a great way to earn some extra funds with minimal effort.

Take On Extra Work

You already work yourself to the limit. But desperate times call for desperate measures. If you seriously need extra work, your best bet could be to take on extra graft. Simple as that.

Whether it’s taking on babysitting duties or overtime at work doesn’t matter. Hard work should be rewarded with remuneration. It might not be something you look to pursue long-term, but it can be a great option for an immediate fix.

Enjoy the extra freedom, and try not to fall into the same traps again.