Day trading for dummies with ForexFalcon EA

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Day Trading

Automated trading offers a great way for traders, especially those with a full time job as well as complete beginners to trade the forex markets. Commonly referred to as an expert advisor, the forex EA’s are built on a mechanical trading system based on a strict set of entry, exit and risk management rules. Forex EA’s might not be that often mentioned when talking about day trading for dummies, but in reality, they make for an ideal solution worth exploring in the forex markets. Instead of having to watch the charts constantly, depending on the chart time frames that you trade, or having to check your trading account every few hours, having an EA do all the hard work for you can set traders free from the charts.

ForexFalcon is one such forex expert advisor, but unlike most others, offers consistency in the profits the ForexFalcon EA generates. Trading over 18 currency pairs, the expert advisor comes with built-in risk management rules so traders can set their own risk management depending on their account equity and risk tolerance.

The easy to use approach means that even beginners will find it easy to get the ForexFalcon EA up and running on their MT4 trading platform. The expert advisor is proven to generate over 7% returns per month, with an annualized 125% return on equity a year. Imagine having an extra income besides your regular job? ForexFalcon EA makes it possible for traders to earn a consistent and stable return on equity, beating even the high street bank’s interest on savings deposit.

Key features of the ForexFalcon EA

Here are some of the key features of the ForexFalcon EA that readers should know about:

  • Profit Factor of 1.76
  • 7% consistent returns month on month
  • 125% annualized return
  • EA is not influenced by slippage or news related risks
  • Works on forex majors and minors
  • Can be operated in both automatic and partially auto mode
  • Money back guarantee
  • …. and many more features

The verifiable results and performance, along with the consistency in generating stable monthly profits, makes ForexFalcon EA and ideal expert advisor especially for traders at all levels to start making profits with forex trading.

But of course, the choice is left up to the reader. One could either pick up a day trading for dummies book and learn the huge ocean of various modes of analyzing the forex charts, put them to test, lose money and start back at square one, or simply pick up an already proven and profitable forex expert advisor and set you up for success. If you are interested to learn more about ForexFalcon EA, visit the homepage which includes complete verifiable trading results from a reputable third party forex analytics website as well details on how much you can potentially earn with the ForexFalcon EA depending on the amount you wish to invest.

The ForexFalcon EA comes with a money back guarantee. Customers who have purchased ForexFalcon can get a full refund if the EA does not generate profits within the first month of using it. Can it get any better than that?

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