Financial Implications You May Face as a Business Owner

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Small business owners across the world face a multitude of potential problems when they start out. The major one for all of them is going to be financial implications. Finances are what makes the business world run, and financial problems could make or break a business. You need to be aware of the financial implication you face as a business owner.

To give you some kind of idea, here is a list of just a few financial burdens you may face:


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As a business owner, you face the very real issue of debt. In fact, when you first launch your business there’s a good bet you’ll be in debt from the word go. Running a business is expensive, and many people can’t afford to do it by themselves. As such, it’s often necessary to take out a business loan to help with the large expenditure. This is useful, and sometimes necessary. But be aware this is putting you and the company in the red immediately. You need to be sure you can repay the loan within the timeframe. And you need to make sure you aren’t going to put yourself and the business in serious financial problems.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is always a big concern for entrepreneurs, especially when they first start out. Until you build up a reputation and a client base, you may struggle to make ends meet each month. This is even more of an issue if you’re working for deferred income. You need to remember that the business still needs to run. And your staff still need to be paid at the end of each week or month. Always make sure you have sufficient funds in the company account to cover all the important payouts. You need to maintain healthy lines of credit to make sure the business doesn’t go bust.

Worker’s Compensation

When you run a small business, you will need to deal with the issue of staff being off work. This could be through injury or illness picked up at work. When this happens, it will be necessary to make a payout to the employee known as worker’s compensation. Unfortunately, as with all businesses, there are people who want to take advantage. And you may encounter people faking or falsely claiming. Now, you might ask yourself why someone would take advantage of worker’s compensation. There are quite a few reasons; it might be to get an increase in income or to collect money they’ve not worked for. You need to be aware that this is an issue your business faces. Don’t be too quick to pay out if something happens. Make sure you go through the correct channels first.


A major expense for your business will be rebranding. While this may not be an issue right now, there’s no doubt you’re going to need to do this at some point. It’s important that your business develops and evolves with the times. This might mean you having to rebrand several parts of the business. You may need to develop new products, change your badge or refit some stores or offices. Whatever it may be rebranding is an expense you’re going to need to face at some point. Try to have a business rainy day fund to use for exactly this sort of thing.

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