Finding Business Loans for Poor Credit Applicants

| January 3, 2012

business loans for poor credit

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Finding Business Loans for Poor Credit Applicants

Businesses are affected by their credit rating in the same way individuals are. In fact businesses may be affected by their owner’s credit records too. If you, or your company have a bad credit record and experience it is always possible to find finance. There are financial institutions that will help you and your company regain your credit standing if you are willing to work with them.

The first thing to do is to evaluate your situation, how much the company owes, who it owes it to, and if they accept payments and things like this. The next step is to determine and qualify the company’s assets; this includes property, machinery and equipment. It will also include any outstanding debt in favor of it, any contracts it is executing and any bills the company needs to collect. These instances will give the financial institution a guideline to decide if it is possible to save the company and finance their operations.

These are not the only things they take into account though. They must look at the product or service that the company offers; they must look at its profit loss history since the company started, its client list and other factors which will affect the final decision. There are many companies that have great products and services but terrible administrators or working systems. These companies can be saved if the owners accept to follow instructions and do what they are told.

A company with a bad credit record may be saved by an administrative intervention. That is the appointment of an administrator to oversee all financial operations. The point of this is not to take control away from the owner, it is to pay debts and make sound financial decisions that will make the company grow above the problems it is facing. Nothing changes with regards to ownership but most of the time the financial institution will mortgage all properties, equipment and anything else the company owns to cover the possibility of forfeit.

They may also ask the owners and administrators to submit their company credit cards and do not allow them to incur in any financial decisions without having the okay of the financial institution appointed overseer. This may seem a bit rash but the truth is that when a company reaches this point, banks and other financial institutions are already suing them or preparing to take over their assets. The company has nowhere else to go and needs help to get out of the hole.

These financial institutions are willing to risk their money, pay the company’s debts, provide it with some working capital and whatever it needs to grow financially strong but they also want their money back, with interests. Usually their interest rates are high and their conditions are tough too. Whichever it is it will always be better than declaring bankruptcy and going through all the autocracy and pain that the process takes. Financial institutions will not help a sinking ship unless they are sure they can patch the holes and make it float again. All this is usually done within the following five years which will give the owners the company back in a reasonable period of time.

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