Five Excellent Steps to Getting Cheaper Car Insurance

| August 17, 2012

Car insurance

In a guide to cheaper car insurance, there are a number of steps you should be keen to follow. First, you should stick to the dos and don’ts. There are several do’s and don’t that you need to follow: don’t forget to confirm the validity of your photo card, do add extra security besides driving and parking carefully, don’t assume that third party insurance is the cheapest, do consider adding a second driver to your insurance, don’t overvalue your mileage, do notify insurers on changes in circumstances, don’t add modifications to your car, do calculate the much you may claim, don’t try to lie, do consider protecting your no-claims discounts, do tweaking of your quote date or job description and others.

The second step is to accurately combine the comparison sites. Comparison sites compress your details to the hosts of brokers’ and insurers’ websites. This scraps their data from the screens reporting back the cheapest. Therefore, you should be informed they normally provide insurers with your personal details.

They do not always compare similar sites hence the best you can do is to combine them. An analysis of the comparison sites such as, and has been carried out leaving you with informative results to go through. After finding the cheapest quotes from the available screen papers, you should remember to double check the insurance firm’s quotes and examine the coverage of the policy.

After checking the comparison sites, the third step is to check out special policies and find out if they will undercut your special price. The first way to do this is to lock-in quotes for 2-3 months ahead. Some insurance firms hold the quotation’s price for 90 days.

Therefore, by obtaining a quote 2 or 3 months before your renewal, you will have locked in a price just in case there is a rise in future premiums. Second, use a tracking device to pay whenever you drive and cut costs for driving less. Third, you can consult a local broker for a decent cover if you are from a region with high crime. Fourth, get temporary car insurance.

The fourth step is to grab hidden discounts and cash back. After knowing your cheapest provider, confirm that there are no any cash back deals. There are a several ways to help you achieve this. First, you should use the cash back websites but be very careful while doing this if you want to benefit. Second, use comparison sites to get cash backs though ensure you have the right policy first. Third, get special deals from other companies such as Churchill,, and Aviva, among others.

The fifth step is to remember next year. If you drive well and avoid any accidents, your premiums should be reduced after the first year. Try applying for a cover from the existing insurer but as a new client, and you may be offered a discounted price. The reason is because car insurance providers can possibly gain from apathy.

Insurers release renewal notifications about 28 days prior to renewal. To avoid rushing to get a cheaper price, you can indicate it in your diary, six weeks in advance, or use the Tart Alert that will send you a reminder email or text.

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