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Flower with a Girl

When we think about decorations, flowers are the foremost thing that comes to our minds. They are the most important element of decorations especially when it comes to the wedding ceremony that everyone wants to treasure throughout their life. Because of their appearance, smell and elegance they are helpful in setting the mood of the occasion. The Indian weddings consist of many pre and post wedding functions. Most of them happen at home. So the decoration of the house as well as the wedding site matters the most. If there is any specific theme set for the ceremony then the flowers used for the occasion should match the theme. Mumbai Flowers in different combinations can be used to give an exclusive look. The wedding sites are also decorated in accordance with the traditional and western look. Many seasonal flowers are in accordance to the theme for the wedding day. Light shades are used in summers and bright colors in winters. The same goes with the other events as well.

Around the world flowers are the best way to express the emotions. For every occasion one should keep in mind the flower to be used. There are a number of occasions, some of them are: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, Father’s and Teacher’s day, Christmas, New year, anniversaries, etc. Apart from floral decorations, many other important elements are required to give the theme a complete look. These elements depend upon the theme used. If it is birthday celebration then balloons, gift baskets, toys and many other props can be used. Ice carving and foam carving are also one of the most important elements of event decorations. Generally placed at the food stations, they are considered the central attraction for the viewer. For the instant setting of the theme Curtain draping can be used. They are the easiest way to make up the theme. Every place owns their specific theme. It could be in accordance to the corporate, social, school or a college event. People feel nostalgic when they think of the times they had in college or school. The zest and zeal for preparing for the events in college or school functions is everlasting. Decorations hold the most important part to highlight the function. It contains decoration of the auditorium or hall with balloons, paintings, curtains, lights and of course with the flowers. Many creative flower designs can be used to enlighten the function. These floral designs add charm and beauty to the function. These designs can be made more creative by adding or discovering more ideas. Every Delhi florist has a better idea of these designs according to the requirement.

Floral Industry is flourishing

Over a number of years many institutions are providing special trainings for the floral designs. These institutions promote the growth of the industry. From the past two to three years these training institutions have been expanded to many renowned universities. These universities provide many certified programs. Hence, there is an immense growth in the Floral Industry. In order to promote this industry many conferences, seminars and trainings are held every year. Bouquets are the most common floral designs used worldwide. Special techniques are used in making designs to give them a rare look. These techniques are helpful for the designer to

Make unique and good looking designs.

What is meant by Floral designing techniques?

Flower designing techniques and methods is the art of floral arrangement by using some principles. While giving a new design these designing techniques are used. There are some rules and principles which a floral designer has to follow to get a desirable output. There are basically four major principles that include:

  • Proportion.
  • Balance.
  • Rhythm.
  • Dominance.
  1. The relationship between of objects is called proportion.
  2. Balance in floral technique means equality in terms of weight and physical appearance.
  3. The step-by-step procedure of designing is called rhythm.
  4. Dominance means that the design should be attractive enough to catch the viewer’s attention.

Apart from the major principles, there are six minor principles

  • Radiation.
  • Repetition.
  • Transition.
  • Variety.
  • Contrast.
  • Focal point.
  1. When we look at the container, the stems which radiate naturally these are characterized by Radiation.
  2. When the designs are repeated during designing in order to have uniqueness in the work, this is called repetition.
  3. A change from one design to another is called transition.
  4. A variety of components when used in a design defines variety.
  5. Contrast means when one or more are objects having different features are used in designing.
  6. The center of interest is called the focal point.

Across the world many big and small shows held every year. WAFA (World Association of Flower arrangers) organizes World Flower show after every three years. WAFA has recently completed its 29 years of success.

The main idea is to bring all the floral art at one place through the worldwide without any international barriers.

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