Four Ways to Throw a Holiday Party on a Budget

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financeimage3Holiday parties are expensive. There’s no denying that. As fun as they can be, if you are on a budget, hosting a party might be the last thing you want to do.

Sometimes hosting a party is unavoidable. You want to see all your friends and family, office workers, neighbors and even a few strangers, but you don’t have the means to do so. Even if you don’t want to have a party, you might get forced into it. Regardless of how it happens, when it does come around, you need to be prepared. That means providing a good atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. This can be much easier said than done on a limited budget, though.

You don’t always need to pay a fortune to have a fun party. With a little bit of ingenuity, a good group of friends and some creativity, you can have the most fun party of the year without going out of your budget.

Here are four ways to throw a party on a budget:

Create simple decorations

You don’t need to be the brightest house on the block. You don’t need to create a winter wonderland. Holiday parties can be festive without going overboard. Especially if you have already done some light decorating, all you need is a few red and green decorations, maybe some lights and some festive food. The decorations don’t make the party—the people do.

If you really have no ideas for how to decorate on a budget, think about creating a theme. This typically draws the attention from your surroundings and onto what people are wearing. For instance, “Santa’s Elves” or “Holidays with Elvis.” Not only will it simplify your theme, but you can focus on the food instead.

 Make a potluck party

Most expenses during a party come from the food and beverages you typically need to provide. During the season of giving, there is no better time to have a potluck party. Not only are potluck parties affordable, they typically end up being the most fun types out there. Either designate an item for everyone to bring or let everyone decide on their own. Potluck parties bring out the true spirit in people. Why not do it now.

Shop on a budget

Grocery stores make a point to buy several festive items, such as turkeys, in bulk. When they need to get rid of them quickly, which they often do, they usually sell the items at sharp reductions in price. Sometimes they even give them away in order to lure shoppers. Pay attention to deals going around in your city. There are bound to be a few.

Plan quantities carefully

Everyone’s been to those parties when the food runs out but there’s too much alcohol, or vice versa. Planning quantities for parties is no easy task, but it can save a boatload of money. Buy certain things that you know people will want during a holiday party in bulk. Plan ahead so you don’t need to rush to the store at the last second. Offer the cheaper foods, such as appetizers, first so that people will eat less of the more expensive food.

Holiday parties are bound to be a blast if you execute them properly. If you plan ahead, get everyone involved and let loose a little, you’re party is bound to go down in history, just like Rudolph.

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