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Online Backup

A few years ago; everyone stored personal data in different places. Photo albums, a safe in the wardrobe or countless paper files holding financial and important information.

Nowadays, most of your data is stored on your computer. Whether you use Microsoft money manager or simply scan important financial documents, you most likely look on your desktop to find them.

Backing up your financial data is incredibly important. If your computer fails to boot up one day, contracts a virus or is simply the victim of a household accident – unless you have backed up that important information, you’re going to find it very difficult to restore it. Look on data back up as an insurance policy for your most important documentation.

Backing up can seem like a hefty task as sometimes it can be a long, slow process. However with online backup now available, backing up your documents is generally a lot faster and easier than it once was. Instead of the older technique of storing backups on an external hard drive, a new solution is to use an online backup service that saves the data on servers in the cloud. You don’t need any extra hardware and once it’s been set up, the system can automatically do the backup when the computer is idle. Cloud services store your data securely online; best of all, it’s usually faster than backing up to a hard drive.

Make regular backups for your information: a backup which was last done 6 months ago isn’t going to be very helpful when you’re looking for your up to date information. Some services will automatically backup data at intervals of your choice. This is a very useful tool which saves you having to remember.

Choose a strong password for your backup storage. This decreases the risk of someone accessing the information without your permission. Financial security is paramount and therefore you should take the same precautions when backing up your data as you would when you first save the file to your computer. Cloud storage is very secure, arguably more secure than an external hard drive which could be stolen or misplaced.

Be smart – Backup your data to avoid losing it.

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