Getting the Best Deals On Your Utility Bills

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Help With Utility Bills

When it comes to cutting back on expenditure, there are many luxuries you can easily live without. If your credit report has seen better days (site preview), stripping back unnecessary costs is a great start to rebuilding your rating. Things like cable TV or magazine subscriptions can be amongst the first things to go, and there are many other day-to-day outgoings like a daily take out coffee that are easily broken habits.

There are other regular outgoings that are essential and cancelling them all together is simply not an option. Utility bills like gas, electricity and water are an unavoidable expense, but this does not mean there aren’t ways of saving money on them. Utilities are privatised, meaning they have a competitive market and each company will offer different deals and prices.

One of the most common ways to save money on utility bills is to pay by direct debit. Nearly all gas and electric providers will offer you a direct debit discount off your payments just for setting this up. Another similar discount is available if you choose to go paperless and view your bills online instead of having them come through the post. Always ask about any potential savings like this.

Another thing to consider is how your utilities are charged. If you use small amounts or perhaps live in a shared house, a pay as you go system could be useful. Simply top up a key with your chosen amount, plug in, and go. You may wish instead to have a metered system for everything, including water, this means that you only pay for the resources you use.

Homeowners are not the only people that can benefit from reduced rates and deals when they switch. It is a common misconception that, if you rent, you have to stay with the providers your landlord has set up. This is not the case – as the occupant of the property you have the right to choose who provides your utilities and what tariff you are set up on. Be sure to shop around when you move in and don’t be afraid to switch if you find that something is no longer the cheapest option.

Utility bills are a necessary expense, but if you do your research, switch as often as is necessary, and do everything within the home to ensure you are not wasting any fuel, then you can treat these as any other outgoing and keep the cost to a minimum.


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