Here’s How To Make Sure Your Property Purchase Is A Good Investment

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Investing in property is still a popular way to increase your wealth. Even if you need to take a mortgage to secure a good property, you can make money with bricks and mortar. Of course, you need to choose the right property to invest in. Much like stocks and shares, there are good properties that will steadily increase in value. And there are places that you should avoid to be sure you won’t lose your cash.

Picking the right property usually starts with a little research into the best real estate. You don’t have to buy property near you. Instead, you may choose to buy a property overseas, and rent it out as a holiday home to make extra cash. While property often increases in value just by sitting there, most properties are rentable to earn their keep and a good income for you. All you need to do is decide if you’re happy to be a landlord.

Of course, you can ask an agent to act on your behalf. For a fee, they will find you tenants or vacationers, and organize maintenance and repairs. They may also arrange for cleaners to keep the property in good order between clients too. If you wish to take all this on by yourself, it can quickly become a full-time job with only a small property portfolio.

If you are buying a holiday home to rent out, then you might be looking into luxury accommodation. It is rare to be able to buy a property that is already fully furnished, so consider the cost of some high-end furniture in your investment costs. Luxury properties often require a higher degree of security. Your clients may be expecting or needing extra attention to this area too.

If you are looking to take on staff at your next property, then you will also need to ensure they are fully vetted. Whether your family will be living there or not, your property is a big investment. You want to make sure the right people are taking care of it. Even properties at the budget end of the market will require renovations and repairs. The people you choose to take on these jobs should be reliable and fairly priced.

Any investment will have costs beyond the purchase price. It’s easy to forget about them when you agree a sale. Make sure you have the details of what you need in mind before making an offer on a property. Or you could end up with financial obligations you are not prepared for.

Buying property at home or overseas requires a lot of legal paperwork. Your property lawyers will need to be involved in securing the sale and exchanging the money. If you haven’t done this before, it could be a good idea to use a lawyer in the same area as the property you are buying. They will have an excellent local knowledge to help advise you on any issues that arise.


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When you are looking to invest in property, do check how much the property has sold for in the past. You should also view the property with a surveyor to be certain it is structurally sound. A builder can advise you on redevelopment opportunities too.

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