High Net Worth Investment Management by Whittier Trust

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High Net WorthHigh net worth individuals are single individuals or families with a high net worth, usually in liquid financial assets totaling over $1 million. This figure, however, occasionally changes according to an individual’s or family’s state.

The financial services industry uses the term to denote these individuals/families, particularly in cases when said individuals need financial help for managing their wealth. When these families/individuals need financial help for managing their assets, oftentimes they qualify for high-yield and separately managed investment accounts like those managed by Whittier Trust (discussed later).

People with such a large amount of wealth take their business to investment managers or firms. These professionals handle making investments in individualized portfolios of securities, using investment objectives and parameters specified by said clients.

They are also tasked with several other activities needed for managing client financial portfolios, not limited to buying/selling securities, portfolio monitoring, transaction settlement and portfolio performance measurement. Investment managers establish themselves in smaller one to two person firms to larger firms located in several countries at a time.

Why high net worth management?

High net worth individuals and families hold more wealth to their name, meaning the more funds/assets they hold, the most work it’ll take to preserve and maintain said assets. Investment management, among services such as estate and tax planning, are ways to ensure HNWIs maintain their wealth for years to come.

Investment managers for many HNWIs apply their skill sets to fully managing and protecting client assets, which helps them get the most out of said assets. Often, a firm will allow their professional investment managers to handle separate financial portfolios for a client, which can provide beneficial results for clients, such as creating balanced, diversified portfolios with little risk to their results.

Why use Whittier Trust Company for high net worth investment management?

Whittier Trust Company is an independently-operating HNW investment management company, serving affluent clients across the country. When it comes to investment management, Whittier Trust uses an approach considered comprehensive and consistent, operating with their client’s wishes in mind, to improve their performance in managing client assets as a result.

The Whittier Trust Investment Policy Statement comprises a plan for clients to help them achieve the financial goals they want. That same plan allows clients to set investment parameters based on holdings, including income requirements, return objectives and taxes. Using their Investment Policy Statement as a guide, they concentrate on using asset allocation to allow their advisers to design a diversified portfolio, based on factors like asset class and market style.


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