How The UK Gaming Market is Evolving Before Our Eyes

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Last year in the UK the gambling market was worth over a staggering £2bn, almost doubling in only 5 years. The rise of the online casinos and gambling markets has been one of the few sectors which has actually thrived throughout the financial recession, and the UK is right at the forefront of this new type of revolution.

Sports betting and the online casinos like have been a couple of areas of major success and have thrived on the back of some high profile advertising campaigns which have free bets and all sorts of other introductory offers to try and entice new players into trying their luck. Football fans have also started to try their hand at betting on the football more often. With more markets than ever becoming available the temptation is always there to put your money where your mouth is and put a bit of money on the game. It has also attracted further interest with the new bet in play system that is available, offering punters the opportunity to have a flutter whilst the game is being played live.

With all these different markets being available at the click of a button, and people no longer having to partake in an often long walk to the bookies, its no surprise that the industry is at an all time high. Interestingly enough another area seems to have attracted the imagination of the female punter with a massive rise in online Bingo. It has even surpassed poker in the popularity stakes surprising most people’s wildest expectations.

Making all these games available on smart phones, tablets and laptops has also had an impact as they are always to hand. No longer do you have to make a physical trip to the bookies. For all these reasons the industry is riding the crest of a wave and I think it can only go onwards and upwards really. The markets, and society, truly are evolving before our eyes.

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