How To Clear Debts For A Clear Mind

| November 5, 2011

One thing that can rate more stress than can be imagined is the feeling that you are being buried alive in debt. This can make you lose sleep, lose your appetite, and maybe even lose your hair. While the economy in general can be a difficult subject to deal with, personal debt can be devastating. You need to clear debts as soon as possible.

And what can be damaged nearly as badly as your credit score is your peace of mind. Stress kills and this slow death takes most of the toll on the thought process. You can be confused, angry, frightened, or even suicidal. Debt is no good for anybody, and if you are in it you now this to be true.

But you can find a way out. You can fight against this sort of oppression and regain your serenity over time. No, it will not be all that easy, and it certainly will not be fun, but it is doable. What you will need to do is redirect all of that anguish in the proper direction in order to face the enemy that is debilitating debt.

First and foremost you will have to get your financial house in order so that you can deal with it directly. Get all of the over due bills out of the desk drawer you have been hiding them in. Get all of the bank statements you might need. Check your credit card balances and get the figures written down or printed out. And get the telephone numbers and email addresses of all of the institution that you owe money to.

What you are going to do is face these nasty numbers and face them square on. This will be uncomfortable at best, but it is necessary to rid yourself of the burden. By getting honest with yourself you can get honest about necessary solutions. The only thing that avoiding your bills will do is increase the debt in the form of interest add-ons and late fees.

Now that you are beginning to get comfortable with the numbers before you, you will need to prioritize which ones need to be paid first. You will not be paying out yet, but you need to be clear on which direction you are heading in. Be ruthless, and be clear, and decide who needs to get paid first, second, last, and so on. Make a list and keep it updated.

With this familiarity in hand, here comes the hardest part. You will need to start calling the people behind those debts and speak frankly about the problem. You need help, and you can get it if you ask for it. Speak to the managers when at all possible, and always be honest to a fault. Face the problem head on for the best results, and do not try and hide the truth from anybody, especially yourself.

When you do this you may well find that something close to miraculous begins to occur. These people that you once feared may become your greatest ally. They can offer you payment plans that will count as pennies to the dollar in order to keep your credit right and to retain your customer loyalty. Times are tough for everybody sometimes, but the best way top clear debts is to discuss them clearly, fearlessly, and honestly. Your lenders will help you if you ask them to.

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