How To Get The Cheapest Motorhome Insurance Going

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Buying a motorhome, caravan, RV or campervan is a great way to take cheap holidays anytime you like. It’s just a tin roof between you and the country or continent you are traveling through, and it is about as close to nature as it possible to get without sleeping in a tent.


But all those notions of freedom that come along with owning a motorhome can quickly become irrelevant if you have a breakdown, accident or theft to think about. So in this article, we are going to look at motorhome insurance. And, of course, it is always best to find the cheapest deal possible that covers you for any eventuality. Here’s how to do it.

Before you start

There are a few things that will bring your insurance down, no matter which company you choose. You need to think about where you keep your motorhome. Many people don’t have the room to keep a caravan in their drive, so rent a space to store it instead. If the area you are renting in suffers from a high crime rate, or doesn’t have the best security, you could face higher insurance costs. It’s not just storage that causes problems, either. Motorhomes are larger and bulkier than cars and driving them takes some getting used to. If you have the time, we recommend taking a specialist driver’s course so that you can prove to your insurers that you are a safe driver. This will lower your costs.

Get your details together

Just like with car insurance, there are several factors that will add or subtract costs to your premiums and monthly payments. You will need to give your insurer a lot of information, and the more accurate you are, the better guide you will have for finding the best deal. One of the major gaffes many people make is to cover their motorhome for more than it is worth. It’s a classic mistake, but once an owner buys their vehicle, they very rarely keep tabs on the going rate. It drops dramatically after the first year and continues to fall on an annual basis. So make sure that every time you renew your policy you know what you are paying for.

Find a good comparison site

The next step is to use a price comparison website. You could use a generic service or a specialist motorhome service like You will need to enter all of your details correctly and perform a search, which will bring up the best possible deals for you. If you spot a fantastic deal, then don’t mess around. Insurance costs fluctuate a lot, and it may not be the same, even after only a day.

Ring the insurer

It’s a good idea to find a few good deals and contact the insurer directly. Although many insurance companies have online-only deals, you may be able to negotiate a better price if you speak to a human being. There are no guarantees, of course, but insurance salespeople are just the same as any other: they all have their new customer targets to meet.

Insurance for motorhomes is a necessity, just like any other insurance policy. By following these tips you can be confident you aren’t paying more than you should.

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