How To Save Money By Pre-planning a Cremation

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Thinking about your cremation or funeral is daunting, and an emotionally difficult thing to contemplate. However, it is in your best interest to plan your cremation or funeral ahead of time – especially in consideration of your family members.

Planning a cremation or funeral ahead of time not only gives you control over your memorial service and what happens to your remains, but it also saves you a significant amount of money. Knowing exactly what your final wishes are and the details or your cremation or funeral eases the burden on family members during an emotional time.

Reasons to Choose Cremation

Cremation is a cost-saving option when compared to a burial. A cremation costs as little as one-fourth of the price of a traditional funeral with a burial. You can opt to have a funeral service before a cremation, but direct cremation, which skips the service, is more cost-effective. Cremation also allows you to decide what to do with the remains: keep them, bury them, or scatter them in a place of your choosing.

Cremation Preplanning

Planning your cremation ahead of time saves you money and gives you greater peace of mind. When you create a plan for end-of-life services, you make key decisions regarding your funeral or memorial service and the final disposition of your remains. A reputable cremation service provider walks you through the process of planning a cremation and helps you communicate your wishes to family members.

Cremation Prepayment

In addition to planning ahead of time, you may choose to prepay for cremation in order to lock in current prices for your selected services. “Prepaying” for cremation simply means that you can set aside money in a state-approved trust fund or insurance account to be used when end-of-life services are required.

Prepaying for cremation is not mandatory, but you may wish to prepay for convenience and potential cost savings. Speak to a cremation plan advisor at Smart Cremation to discuss which payment option works best for your particular needs. They can be reached at(877) 557-4996.


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