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Every year, everyone who pays their tax on a regular basis is entitled to get a tax refund and this is something everyone is looking forward to. This is a great reward that you can get after a whole year of hard work. To get the information about your 2011 tax refund, you can do several ways to check the status.

To check the status of your 2011 Tax Refund, you can call the following numbers: Direct lines for tax refund would be 1-800-829-1954 while the other number to call is 1-800-829-4477. You have to have the following information ready. Please refer to the information below:

1.  Social Security Number

2. If your Social Security Number is not available, you can use your Tax Identification Number instead.

3. File information like if you are married, single or separated.

4. Federal and state tax refund.

Another way to check your 2011 Tax Refund is by going to the IRS website to see whether your status is processing or pending.  Most of the time, it will also show the number of days needed to complete the processing of your refund.

And since technology is innovating every now and then, you can now file and get information about your tax through the use of your smart phone.

It is also said that if you file your tax through online, the processing will be much faster than having it done through paper because it will go through a manual processing.

Everyone patiently waits for the refund to pay for the bills or to buy something you want. Just a tip – do not just wait for your money to be deposited or delivered to you. Days or weeks before the expected date of your check, try to see more or less the amount you are expecting to receive. Don’t just surprise yourself for you might end up expecting more and be disappointed because you were just able to get half of what is expected. There are several tools online for you to use in order to see an estimate of your 2011 tax refund. The tool is called a tax estimator to show you an estimated figure so you can somehow manage and make the proper financial decision. You might also forget that you have to pay any tax obligation left for 2010 or the last year that’s why it is important that you compute for an estimate first before making any plans about the money you are to receive.

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