Investing In Las Vegas

| November 5, 2011

Properties can be purchased for low investments and rented out for residual profits.

There are plenty of ways to invest in property in Las Vegas. Interested parties may purchase a commercial office building and lease out individual store fronts or they may buy up old homes and flip them for profit.

Properties may be purchased from foreclosed bank listings or bankruptcy auctions. As long as the investor has the time, patience, and resources to flip the property he will almost always be able to turn a significant profit.

Due to the recent decline in economic growth, many banks are trying their hardest to recoup losses incurred from bankruptcies and foreclosures. Many properties that have been foreclosed on can be purchased directly from banks for pennies on the dollar.

The end of the year seems to be the best time to shop for investment properties. This time is right before the tax filing deadline so banks and credit unions will be scrambling to offload last years models to make room on their books for new loans.

Las Vegas has always attracted new businesses and out of town property shoppers because of the lack of state taxes collected from individuals or businesses. This means that as long as the State of Nevada continues not to tax individuals or certain businesses that there will always be a ripe market of business tenants and renters to choose from.

Considerations should also be made for the amount of money that the investor will save by not having to pay state taxes in most situations. An investor who is able to turn a profit from his investment property in Las Vegas will invariably pay far lower taxes than investors in neighboring states.

It is also possible for a new investor to invest in an area of land and develop the land into a profitable business venture. The land could be developed and then sold to a large chain store or to various mom and pop operations all ready and willing to pay you six month or one year long leases.

Many investment opportunities can be under taken by individual investors, but for larger investments the investor may want to consider investing as a member of an investment group. An investment group allows each member of the group to share an equal risk of the investment. Many lending institutions may also offer lower interest rates to investment groups because the risk is generally lower than lending their money to individual investors. Investing as a member of a group will also allow the group to incorporate as a business entity in the State of Nevada, allowing the group to enjoy the lower liability risks that incorporation can offer.

As always, a local tax expert should be consulted to ensure as much money is saved for the investor as possible.

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