Learning to Manage Your Business with QuickBooks

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There are dozens of accounting programs for PCs and Macintoshes. QuickBooks has captured most of the small business accounting market, though, because it does all the things most small businesses need to do in the simplest possible way. Of course, the “simplest possible way” is still pretty complicated for small business owners who have no training in accounting and who have very little time in which to learn about it. Even if you’re painfully aware that your business needs a computerized accounting system and even if you already own QuickBooks you may be unable to get started with it because it seems like a complex process, and you can’t ever find the spare time you need to get it up and running.

Right now in fact, you may be within arm’s reach of a nicely shrink wrapped QuickBooks package that you intended to install but never quite did. Or you may be sitting in front of a QuickBooks system on your PC that you installed weeks or months ago but you have given up hope of understanding the program well enough for it to help you in your business. You may even have bought a book about QuickBooks in the hope that they would help you get a handle on what seems to be a monumental task, but you still haven’t been able to make the transition from paper to computerized bookkeeping.

Maybe you don’t understand accounting systems well enough to be able to convert your system to QuickBooks or any other full fledged accounting program. Perhaps your accountant or bookkeeper does the heavy record keeping for you, and you know very little about the process.

And even if you understand your present accounting system, you may despair of ever understanding QuickBooks well enough to adapt it to your own business. After all, different accounting systems and programs use different names for common accounting functions.

Or, finally, it may be that the whole idea of putting in a new accounting system seems incredibly complex, time consuming, and just plain scary. You don’t want to risk giving up your current accounting system no matter how inefficient it might be because you can’t quite be sure that you’ll understand the new one as well, that it will do everything it promises, or that you’ll ever have the time to get it going.

Well you are not alone. Thousands of people with all kinds of businesses are in the same position you are. Between answering phones, managing employees, serving customers, and raising a family, lots of people never have the time to get going with QuickBooks.  Well, there is a solution for you called The QuickBooks Training Community. This is a forum based learning center where they walk you thru the program step-by-step in a very quick and easy process. Your questions are answered right away as they work with you to learn the program. You can get more info by visiting their website by clicking this link. Or they also have a Blog that provides valuable information.


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