Money Saving Tips for Moving on a Tight Budget

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Unless you’re one of those minimalist types who only owns enough possessions to comfortably fill a rucksack, moving can be pretty daunting and pretty expensive. Getting all of your stuff safely from your old home to your new place can be a huge drain on your mental and financial resources, but when it comes to the money side of things, well, it’s pretty easy to cut costs and keep your move manageable.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make moving on a tight budget possible:

Research the Cost of Hiring a Professional vs. a DIY Move

A lot of movers fall into the trap of thinking that it’ll be cheaper for them to do it themselves than hire professional interstate movers, and although in some cases this will be true, it is far from a sure thing. In fact, a lot of people end up spending more on their DIY move due to their inexperience in the field.

To work out which option will cost you the less, be sure to get at least three different quotes from removal companies and do the same for truck hire, taking into account any fuel costs you may be expected to pay too. Then, work out how much of your time will be taken up by a DIY move. Go with the option that looks the best on paper, but remember, if you’re bad at packing and safely moving stuff, you could end up damaging your things, which may cost you more in the long-term. It’s something to think about.

Never Pay for Boxes

Boxes are an essential part of the average move, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to the store or log on to Amazon to buy them. You can find empty boxes everywhere from your workplace to local stores, and even on Craigslist and they’re fundamentally no different to the boxes you’ll buy, so why buy?

Cut Off Your Utilities

Not everyone reading this will be able to make use of this option, but if your utility company won’t let you prorate your bills to coincide with your moving date, meaning you’ll end up paying for a whole extra month, even when you won’t be there, you could consider cutting off your supply a few days early, so that you can save some cash. It might be difficult to do this with electricity, but phone and cable bills should be manageable.

Minimize Your Stuff

If you have a lot of stuff that you don’t really get much use out of, instead of paying more to have them moved to your new place, why not sell the good stuff and donate the serviceable, but slightly worn, so that you’ll not only save money on your moving costs, but you’ll actually make a little cash too? It really makes sense, and you’ll be able to start afresh with a less cluttered home at your new place.

Implementing as many of the above tips and tricks as you can, should see a reduction in your moving costs, and it just might help to take some of the stress out of the process too!


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