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Mortgage Investment Company
If you are a veteran with an active VA home loan and are up-to-date on your mortgage payments, it is highly advisable to read on because this article may change the course of your financial future greatly. This especially applies to you if you could benefit from a smaller mortgage payment. If you would like to see if your bill to be lowered in as little as 30 to 45 days, then you need to call Mortgage Investors Corporation right away.  Their Veteran’s Administration refinance offer may hugely impact the financial future of you and your family.

Take a moment to picture this scenario:

You go through a quick month and a half mortgage refinance process where everything moves smoothly and you submit minimal paperwork to your rep. That means you didn’t send your rep any pay stubs, debt information, or equity stats. You didn’t even concern yourself with a pesky home appraisal or pest inspection. Oh, and that less than perfect credit score you now have as a result of one late phone bill payment? That didn’t matter either. You were still able to take advantage of the lowest interest rates in the market and encounter savings on your payment in as little as 30 to 45 days.

Now, imagine that it is 60 days after your new loan closed and you receive that mortgage bill that you typically dread with all of your being. You open it with one eye shut, as you pray that the number on the “due amount” really is smaller. Yes…victory! Your mortgage payment is substantially smaller and you are shocked at how easy and simple it was to achieve this manageable dollar amount. With all of the extra money you will continue to save, your options seem endless! You could put the extra funds away for retirement, pay off your credit card bills and other debt, or you could plan a fancy getaway with your significant other.

See if this scenario become a reality for you by simply by calling the experts at Mortgage Investors Corporation today! Operators are standing by and are eager to get you started on saving money right now. Their toll free number is 866-659-2477 and their website Time is of the essence when it comes to saving money, so give MIC a call right now to see if you may be able to encounter a brighter financial future!


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