Mortgage Life Leads

| November 5, 2011

How To Get Mortgage Life Leads

Insurance agents can start a new profit center by sourcing mortgage life leads. This can also be a nice way in which to make money. You get to meet incredible people and you can become lifelong friends. There is a variety of ways in which these kinds of leads can be generated. One of the best ways in which to do this is by using direct mail to do this.

The Internet has become very appealing to many people as many people use it as a source of information, kind of like a massive library if you will. For this reason many companies are migrating towards the Internet for the purposes of sourcing leads for this purpose.

Many companies are able to supply high quality leads. In days gone by many companies would source leads via direct mail. The reality today is that many of these companies have gone out of business as the Internet has taken over and delivers much better results.

The independent agent has a huge opportunity to capitalize on this source of income. Today there are far less mailing houses than was the case a number of years ago. This means more chance for the broker to make money.

The agent needs to get hold of a list of people that have recently bought or refinanced their homes. This is obtainable at the office of the county clerk and should just about be free. Alternatively, you can source a decent list broker from the Internet or from the yellow pages. Careful who you uses as there are some real crummy ones out there, however if you find a good list broker, then you can write your own check.

The list brokers are happy to accept orders of around two thousand to five thousand names for the first few orders. Let the broker know that if the list yields dividends that you will come back for more.

Now you need to design the letter you are going to send. You can send a letter or a post card. You need to decide which route to go.

A good sales letter with a business reply card is a good way to go. It should be designed to get the recipient of the letter wanting more information after receiving the letter. Allow them to phone you back and to return the card to you. Some of the agents just send the BRC (business reply card) with a note, the recipient ticks a block requesting more information with other relevant information and the BRC is returned to you.

Now send the letter via first class mail. This should happen the moment you have your list of mortgage leads. The sooner the better, there are probably other people doing precisely the same thing and you want to beat them to it. They may not be your biggest competition; the few mailing houses could be even a bigger threat to you. This is the smart way to sell insurance by sourcing mortgage life leads.

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