Moving Abroad With No Money: Yes, You Can

When you have decided to pack up your life and get on a plane, it may be out of necessity or just for the fun of it. The move seems to be for the wealthy only, through, or for those who manage to plan and be patient for an entire year in advance. It is actually possible to move abroad tomorrow and start a new life as soon as possible – even if your savings account is empty.

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If you’re going to be broke somewhere, it may as well be somewhere tropical and comfortable, right? Here is how you can muster up the courage to move with no money, and have peace of mind enough to enjoy yourself a bit as well.

Work for a non-profit

If you happen to be seated on the plane, anxiously wondering what on earth you’re going to do when you land, we suggest you locate a non-profit organisation and seek work there. Not only will they be in need of all the help they’re offered, but you may also be able to find accommodation there as many provide their staff with housing as well.

Spend the little money you have on securing a roof over your head, and consider taking up a quick loan to cover your expenses until you’ve found your feet; is a great place to start, for example.

You will have a roof over your head, something to keep you busy, and a full network of people who are friendly and willing to help you out with something more permanent.

Find work as a language teacher

Sooner or later, you’ll need work that pays, though, and you’ll be amazed to discover the amount of opportunities for English-speakers abroad. Ask your friends at the charity or hit the search engine; has a lot of opportunities listed every day, so you should be able to find something suitable there.

You may want to continue the kind of arrangement where you get food and shelter in exchange for work, in which case you may want to consider a volunteering program where you can work and live on an organic farm. It sounds lovely in anyway, right?

Find the expats

The key to success when you’re transitioning abroad with no cash to your name is to find the rest of the expats. It’s often a tight-knit community, depending on the country you’ve gone to, so when you manage to find one or two, you’ll usually discover the rest of them quite soon.

Expats help each other out, so don’t by shy and take advantage of any opportunity that may arise. They know where to find a cheap meal, the best kind of accommodation – and they may even be able to hook you up with a permanent job.

While you’re in for an uncertain and turbulent experience, it may also be the best time of your life. Stay positive, make an adventure of it, and be safe by reaching out to other expats or non-profits for help.


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