Neil Billock: Why is Direct Marketing so Successful?

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A business that targets the general population without targeting a specific group of audiences is not likely to get results like the one that presents its brand information to only a particular group that has interest in it. Mass advertising can work out, but again, it will be costly and the results may not be impressive. Direct marketing goes to only those people who may have an interest in a company’s product or service and this interest comes from the information that has been garnered about them.

If for example you are selling a vintage wine product, you will want to reach people above the age of 18. Older people also take wine because it has health benefits that improve their wellbeing. In your marketing campaigns, you will want to target that group that consumes wine products. If you are selling a sweater with a school logo, you will only want to target graduates, students, and parents because they will have interest in that piece of clothing.

Direct marketing tends to limit the people who receive information about a brand, product or service. This way, businesses can save money in distribution of the information while at the same time increasing the odds of reaching persons who may buy the product or service.

Direct marketing allows you to make personal the message you send out, which, in turn, makes the recipients feel that the message was surely meant for them. If you have a targeted population, it will be cost-effective because you are marketing to customers who you have identified as likely to purchase your product.

The return on investment (ROI) is higher because you have cut back the cost of promoting the product and the people who you target are likely to make a sale. In today’s business activity, measurability is a very crucial aspect. You want to measure the results you get. Direct marketing uses built-in ways that help track the campaign’s success. So, you can see where you are going wrong and where you need to improve with each email or mail cycle.

Since with this promotional method, you are using the old styled print media like brochures and leaflets and at the same time using digital media such as email newsletters, email promotional messages, targeted online display ads, you have a better chance of reaching out to more targeted people. Direct marketing can apply to not only small businesses, but also the large companies.

Mass advertising presents challenges to businesses since it’s not targeted, but direct marketing has a target population with which to engage. The people you present brand information are the ones likely to buy and the chances of making sales without incurring a lot of promotional expenses are higher.

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