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In today’s tough economy, finding good opportunities may seem few and far between. However the health care field has expanded rapidly over the past two decades. One company, Selective Wellness LLC is currently thriving in the field of customized vitamin supplements. Unlike traditional over the counter vitamins that millions of people purchase everyday, Selective Wellness LLC creates specific, customized doses of vitamins and minerals based on the needs of the individual.

The process is very straightforward. Individuals interested in having vitamin and mineral supplements customized for their needs fill out a questionnaire and send in a urine sample. They provides a complete urine sample kit for collection, so while the process may seem a bit uncomfortable at first it’s actually easier than it sounds. From the results provided, Selective Wellness LLC then creates a specific, customized vitamin supplement dosage for the individual.

From a business perspective, the opportunities for providing customized supplements are a very strong one. Vitamins sold over the counter feature standardized doses based on an average which in almost all cases do not meet the needs of the individual. The timing for entering the field of providing customized supplements could not be better considering the health concerns of both seniors and the growing number of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age.

With so many people in need of specific vitamin and mineral supplements to meet their needs, this represents a perfect business opportunity for the prospective business person looking to earn a healthy income and the customer looking to improve their overall health.


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