Pet Insurance- The Perfect Way to Show Your Love and Care for Your Pet

| July 14, 2012

Finance and Insurance are the flip sides of the same coin. It becomes very important for an individual to ensure that the sum of money that he is investing should be protected against any kind of loss or damage. Finance deals with the investment of capital or assets being allocated by the investors under both certain and uncertain conditions. It gives a measure of the risks versus profits and also indicates whether the investment made will be paid off well or not. Insurance is an agreement between the insured party and the insurer in which the insurer will compensate for any loss, mishap or damage of the insured party. It plays an important role in financial systems. Insurance normally wraps additional credit rooms and undertaking of property designation. Certain insurance types focus on the protection of goods, equipment, animals and other possessions.

A dog is a man’s best friend and loyal companion. Most of the people have pet dogs in their home. They are treated like a family member and hence taking proper care of the animal is very essential as they are more susceptible to attacks and diseases. The policy of dog insurance will actively provide assistance to the long and healthy life of your pet dog and will also help you in planning a lifestyle that will free you of your worries regarding your pets. There are several insurance companies that provide good insurance policies for your pets.

If you have a puppy then you stand better chances of having good deals rather than for adult dogs as they fall sick or prey to diseases more easily. Dog insurance policy covers cross bred, indigenous or exotic dogs coming under the category of pets, sheep dogs, hunting dogs and watch dogs. It is extremely important to make a thorough research before you make an insurance policy for your pet because usually people sign a policy with a particular insurance company and stick to them for years; as it becomes real inconvenient to start everything afresh and get hold of new quotes. The different types of parameters that should be included in the dog insurance policy are as listed below.

  • Liability insurance: This insurance comes into play if your pet dog bites a person and he/she sues you.
  • Medical insurance: Your pet dogs are prone to get sick or get attacked by diseases and so it becomes essential to have your pet checked regularly. But the expenses of the check up and treatment are too high. So the insurance company must agree to pay for your pet’s checkup at regular intervals. Apart from the medical checkup expenses, the policy should also ensure payment for the costs incurred due to first time sickness, allergic reactions, medical bills, accidents, bone fractures and ingestion of foreign bodies.
  • Dental insurance: If your pet dog has dental problems then it is not covered in health insurance. In that case the insurance company should ensure a separate policy of Dog Dental insurance.
  • Life insurance: This particular type of insurance policy will pay out only if there is a timely or untimely death of your pet.
  • Travel insurance: It is important to ensure that your dog is insured to be able to travel outside the state for a visit to the vet and he falls sick in the way.
  • Often a pet dog runs away or is lost. In such cases the insurance policy will pay a specific amount for advertising and putting up notice for the lost dog.

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