Project Payday Scam or Real?

| January 3, 2012

As with many online income programs, the question of whether it is real or a scam is often in question. Project Payday is no exception. To understand if it is real, or a scam, it is important to understand first how the program works.

Project Payday teaches you how to sign up with affiliate programs, and promote the cost per action (CPA) offers within the program. Cost per action offers typically include getting internet users to submit their email address, or register for an offer with other information. This method of making money is done by thousands of marketers, and is a completely legitimate business.

Typically these signups occur organically, through banner placement, or text ads on a website. Unless you have a ton of traffic coming to your site, it is likely that your conversion rates will be low. Project Payday teaches you how to greatly increase these conversion numbers by offering incentives for people to sign up. The incentive offered is usually a small amount of cash. For example, a CPA offer may pay you two dollars for everyone that submits their email address. You find people that are willing to submit this information if you pay them a quarter. The other dollar and seventy five cents is yours to keep.

Sounds good, right? In theory, it does. However, this type of activity is against the rules of many affiliate sites. This is because the marketer is paying you for signups that have some real interest in what they have to offer. They are willing to pay you for these, because they hope to convert this signups into paying customers. If you pay someone that has absolutely no interest in the product or service, the company loses out in a big way.

It does not take long for affiliate programs to catch on to the fact that you are offering incentives. Your conversion rates will likely be considerably higher than that of others, and when none of your signups become customers, the fact that you are offering incentives will be obvious. This will likely result in your removal from the program, and the money you have accumulated not being paid to you.

Assuming that you understand the risks, Project Payday is not a scam in the sense that they are pulling one over on you. You, however, will be pulling one over on the affiliate if you choose to use this program. If you would like to use this method, and not run the risks, seek out affiliate programs that allow incentives. This will keep your conscious clear, and allow you to keep all the money you make.

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