Six Awesome Finance Careers

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Finance Career


Finance is a constantly changing and booming industry, with career options available in numerous different capacities. From positions with high salaries to those offering freedom in scheduling and responsibilities, many of these jobs are appealing for a variety of reasons. If you are looking to start or continue your career in the financial sector, here are six awesome positions that may be a great fit for you:

1. Market Research Analyst

All companies must understand the choices and impulses of their target demographic, and to do so, they rely on the knowledge and expertise of an in-house market research analyst who uses internal knowledge and search results to formulate a solid marketing scheme. These specialists are responsible for understanding trends and motions by specific groups, and using this data to benefit their business. Research analysts are often compensated well for their work, as the median salary is over $60,000 a year.

2. Financial Advisor

Those unsure of how to manage their finances often recruit the services of financial advisors, professionals who are tasked with creating personally tailored money management plans based on the assets and desires of individuals or groups. These individuals are well versed in money management, and are compensated well for their knowledge, with most pulling in over $66,000 per year.

3. Financial Manager

Unlike a financial advisor, a financial manager works directly with businesses and corporations, ensuring their financial decisions are in the best interests of the company. Because they are under the pressure of large entities, they often receive salaries of over $107,000.

4. Financial Analyst

For those interested in a fast-paced work environment, a career as a financial analyst might be a good fit. These analysts are required to understand the deepest workings of the financial market, instructing clients when to buy, sell, and hold their stocks and other assets. Their hard work doesn’t go unrewarded though, as many make well over $75,000 a year.

5. Loan Officer

Much of the population in the United States will need a financial loan at some point in their lives. Loan officers are responsible for evaluating, analyzing, and either approving or denying financial assistance to those who hope to make a large purchase. For their efforts, they often earn over $58,000 in one year.

6. Accountant

Responsible for helping individuals with tax preparation and financial auditing, accountants must be adept at understanding and manipulating numbers. On the other side of the desk, forensic accountants are tasked with investigating and analyzing embezzlements and other tax frauds committed by corporations and individuals. Both types of accountants are well paid though, as the median salary for this profession is over $62,000.

A New Career in Finance

Though it may not interest everyone, a career in finance is a great way to work alongside capital and assets, and to be within a field responsible for large financial decisions. If you do decide to make a career change into this field, consider these six great finance jobs as you move towards your future.

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