State Tax Refund Calculator- A Valuable Tool to Calculate your Tax Refunds

| January 3, 2012

You should be aware about all your taxes. If you are not very good at math but would like to have a clear estimate about the money you will have pay to the government or the amount of money that you can claim as tax refund, you can use a state tax refund calculator. This is a simple estimation tool that can not only help you in managing your taxes and but can also save you a good amount of money as well.

State tax refund calculator can easily forecast your estimated tax situation for the coming year and can also notify you about all your tax refunds if you are eligible for them. These online calculators are quite easy to use and you can print your comprehensive tax report within few minutes.

Procedure to use the state tax refund calculator :

Just enter the basic details:

1. Details about your family- Here you will have to file your current status. Are you single, married, head of a household, married and filing jointly or married, total dependents and filing separately.

2. Your earnings through self employment or wages and other investments.

3. Deductions and personal expenses- You will have to enter the amount in the pre-set categories such as property and real estate taxes, medical expenses, any charitable contributions, expenses on the child care and several other deductions.

4. Withholding taxes – You have to enter details about the Federal and state income tax that is withheld.

After entering this vital information, the calculator will provide you a summary tax situation and this will give you a fair idea about your tax refund amount or any taxes that you owe. Once you’ve used the state tax refund calculator, you will be provided with the tax tips commensurate to your current situation.

State tax refund calculator is just an estimation tool and your actual taxes and tax refunds may vary to some extent that what you will get from this calculation software. You will have to take the help of a professional accountant or certified tax preparer to file your tax returns.

You will take some time to get accustomed to the state tax refund calculator as you need to enter extensive details to get accurate results. You should keep all the important information ready, that you will have to enter in the calculator to get nearly accurate estimation of your tax refunds. Any inaccurate entry from your side will result in incorrect estimation by the calculator.

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