Surefire Ways to Make Money Fast

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For whatever reason, you might need to make some money fast. You may have an emergency repair that just can’t wait, for example. There are numerous ways you can do this, but the following are some of the most popular.

Take Extra Hours at Work

If you can, offer to work longer hours at work. Do overtime and you’ll have extra money in your pay packet at the end of the month. This might not be ideal, however, especially if you don’t make much at work as it is.

Recycle Old Mobile Phones

Do you have any old mobile phones lying around? Or do you know anybody who will give their old phones to you? You can recycle these online and get a decent amount of money in exchange. It’s better for the environment than allowing them to sit around too!

Sell Unwanted Stuff

You probably have a lot of unwanted stuff lying around. CDs, DVDs, and clothes can all make you a decent amount of money back. Try setting up a garage sale or something similar and see if you can make a quick buck.

Get a Payday Loan

Payday loans aren’t recommended most of the time, but if this is an emergency, they could be an option. To make sure you don’t get left in the lurch, make sure you can pay what you owe back on time. Otherwise, you’ll end up worse off.


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Sell Your Mortgage Note

A mortgage note, sometimes called a real estate note, can be valued and sold if you think necessary. Companies like can value your note for you and offer you a good service. Just be sure that this decision is right for you first!

Start an eBay Business

By starting a simple eBay business, you may be able to make a fairly large profit. Sell something that you know a lot of people are searching for these days. How about waist cinchers and lip plumpers? The ladies seem to be going mad over those, so if you can get them at a good wholesale price you’re all set!

Start an Affiliate Site

An affiliate site will give you back commission for promoting products and companies. If you make a sale or provide a company with a lead, you get some money back! Sites like this can take a while to establish, however.

Write Book for Kindle

Fancy your writing skills? Why not write a book for Kindle? It’s simple to publish yourself, then you just need to focus on marketing. Write a book on something people are curious about to get the most sales.

Start Tutoring

Are you good at something, like playing an instrument? You could offer tutoring! It’ll help if you’ve had training here, but it isn’t necessary.

Dog Walking

People are often really busy, and can only fit a quick walk in for Fido. Offer to take their dogs out for a price. Bear in mind you’ll need to be good with animals and able to control the dog appropriately!
Ready to make money fast? Use these tips!

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