The Benefits of Planning Your Funeral Ahead of Time

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Jade Goody's funeral procession arrives at St Johns Church

Death is a difficult subject. Trying to imagine and plan the circumstances surrounding the aftermath of your own death is even harder. But despite the difficulty, there are real and tangible benefits to thinking about your funeral. Arranging the details of your service ahead of time gives you several advantages over leaving things unplanned.  Here are some pre-planning tips from the John P. Donhue Funeral Home.

Reduce Costs

Whether you’re planning a cremation or traditional interment, many funeral service providers allow you to preplan your service, with an option to prepay. Prepayment means that the money to be used for your end-of-life services goes in a state-approved trust and becomes available when you need it. These prefunding programs lock in today’s low rates — so that you are covered even if the cost of cremation or interment rises substantially.

Make Your Final Wishes Known

Deciding how you want your service to be conducted allows you to communicate those wishes to your family and ensure that your service is carried out in accordance with your preferences.

When planning your end-of-life needs, you must consider some important questions concerning your memorial. Think about:

  • What type of service you would like?
  • How will your remains be cared for or stored?
  • How would like people to pay tribute? (Flowers or charitable donations?)
  • Who will speak at your service?

If you’re interested in pursuing a final disposition that’s a bit out of the ordinary (having your ashes made into an object, scattered in a far away place, or any number of other final disposition options), consider making those preparations now to ensure they are made properly.

Remove Hardship for Your Family

Besides communicating your wishes to your family, preplanning a funeral or cremation allows you to take on the bulk of the financial and logistical details, sparing your loved ones that burden. Losing a loved one is an exceptionally difficult time in everyone’s life. Lessen that burden for your family — however slightly — by letting them know that your affairs are in order.

Planning ahead for your traditional funeral or cremation allows you to save money, make your final wishes known, and spare your family the stress and financial burden of planning your ceremony. Consider your end-of-life options today.


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