The Costs Involved in Being a Driver

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Once you become a driver, it’s an exciting time. You have a new found freedom and independence. You may also find that this opens up more opportunities for you as you can go anywhere and do anything now. It is something to look forward to, but also something that you need to be sensible about.



Being a driver is an expensive habit. You need to be sure that you can financially support yourself as a driver. As such, you will need to take into account the kind of expenditure that you will be looking at as a driver.

Here are some of the biggest costs you will face when you become a driver:


Driving lessons are not cheap, and they are becoming more expensive each year. You will also need to account for the fact that you may need to have a lot of lessons before you are ready for your test. This adds yet more expense to the cost.

But you need to remember that lessons are necessary. You can’t take your driving test without taking lessons first. Be sure that you can afford the lessons you’re taking. Try to figure out how many lessons you may need and work out a costing. This is your first real expense before you’ve even qualified as a driver.

There are other options for lessons. For example, you can take an intensive fast-track course over the course of a weekend. This is a high-intensity session where you learn everything in a short time-frame and then take your test at the end of it.


Car insurance is an important legal requirement and one area of being a driver that most car owners hate. You must sort out your insurance before you start driving. You can receive severe penalties for driving without insurance. You also will not be covered in the event of a crash or accident if you have no insurance.

Make sure you hunt around for the right kinds of insurance. Get an SR22 insurance quote to help you get an idea of what the costs will be for your insurance. You can take steps online to find the best deals by visiting price comparison websites.

Car insurance is important, but you need to make sure that you get the best deal for you. Don’t just take the first quote you’re offered. Spend a bit of time hunting for the better value options, and you could save yourself a lot of money in the long run.


Maybe the most expensive element of being a driver is buying your car. You may have enough money to buy a brand new car. But if it’s your first car then the chances are you’re going to buy a used car. Used cars are a lot cheaper to buy than new cars and so are encouraged for first-time buyers.

But you need to think about the condition of the car. You will need to account for prices of fuel and maintenance. If the car is an old model or an unreliable one then you may find yourself shelling out for regular work. Try to go for a model and make that are going to need as little maintenance as possible.

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