The Incomparable Services Offered by Whittier Trust Company

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Whittier Trust CompanyWhittier Trust Company is a trusted company that grows and preserves wealth skillfully generation by generation. This company offers inclusive investment and wealth services to meet the clients’ unique needs and visions in life. Aside from focusing on wealth and assets, this company also gives priority to families.

The Whittier Trust Company has been in the industry for almost four decades and is recognized for its valuable role in safeguarding the future of numerous families. Their exquisite line of services is the reason behind the continuing success of the company. Due to their hard works and dedications, the Whittier Trust Company is now recognized as the largest and privately owned company on the West Coast.

The Incomparable Services Offered by Whittier Trust Company

Whittier Trust Company is an exclusive trust company that is providing a wide of range of investment management, philanthropic, fiduciary and family office services to clients and families nationwide. This company also extends confidential and personalized services to high net worth families and individuals.

Whittier Trust Company Offers Fiduciary Services

The simple yet genuine intention of managing the wealth of the family during the great depression has gave way for the existence of Whittier Trust Company.  That humble beginning has grown and expanded into a multi-family office that is highly capable of managing various trusts, entities and fiduciary vehicles.

At present, the company is able to serve a trustee and co-trustee and at the same time provides all clients with excellent financial expertise. This is done while maintaining high level of sensitivity. Their fiduciary services include impartial and independent services essential in carrying out the document’s terms. This  also offer investment management for estates and trusts, trust  accounting and record keeping, filing and tax preparation, communicating and reporting to interested parties and beneficiaries. This is also serving as a successor trustee, co-trustee and a trustee’s agent. The Whittier Trust Company fiduciary services also include coordinating and managing trust assets and extending services to grantor.

Their Valuable Philanthropic Services

Philanthropic services do not only benefit charitable institutions, these also enrich and uplift the lives of organizations and families involved in the genuine act of giving. For more than 4 decades, Whittier Trust Company has assisted and helped families and clients in aligning their wealth and values through philanthropy.

The company boosts its trusted professionals who are very much willing to shoulder the administrative burden just to allow clients experience the happiness of giving. Services include investment consulting, charitable investment and asset management, advisement and consulting, management and administration. The company presently advises and manages over $2.7 billion for advised funds, non-profit, foundations and endowments. The Whittier Trust Company also monitors and processes over 600 charitable gifts every year.

The Whittier Trust Company is composed of highly trained and dedicated team that can work and reach out with clients by means of various charitable vehicles including trust charitable instruments, private foundations, advised funds and more. Their services are specially designed to meet the particular needs of every foundation or family. The Whittier Trust Company also ensures that visions and goals are accomplished allowing, individuals to participate if they desire to.


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