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| January 2, 2012

Pioneer lending is the head of online lenders for people in the military. There are a lot of companies in operation in different areas assisting men and women in the armed forces with Pioneer loans. The disadvantage of Pioneer loan is that they are not quick and most times not convenient. The process of applying for this loan is simple and the soldier can complete the form from any part of the world where the soldier is located. It can take a day to be processed. This is an easy method for the people in the military to access loans without hassles.

Whether you are in need of money for special purchases, deployment expenses, bills payment, emergency purposes, Pioneer military loan is an affordable and quick solution. Pioneer military loan is available to every rank and branches of active service of the military and career retired officers and also to the department of Defense employees. This loan is available to soldiers with diverse credit types even to those with imperfect credit history. If your credit is strong enough, then you are likely to be eligible for an exceptionally low-rate loan without fees or closing costs.

Pioneer loan can be repaid in manageable payment schedule with flexible terms which can span up to 36 months. It has no hidden fees and the payment will never be changed. You will know the exact amount it will cost and when it will be paid off. It does not require collateral. It is also confidential in most of the lenders offices.

To apply and start processing Pioneer loan, the soldier needs to have his personal information handy. Such personal information may include social security number, email address, date of birth and any other information needed for background checking. The process starts with the filling of the form and submitting it online. The soldier will also need to provide his Leave and Earnings statement. Without the soldiers Leave and Earnings statement, his application will not be processed. This information can be faxed or emailed to the lenders office which will go through proper examination and subsequent approval.

One of the advantages of pioneer loan is that the waiting time is very short. It takes about few hours after you submitted your form to know if you qualified for the loan or not. This is unlike the other kinds of loan (civilian loan) which takes longer processing time. After the approval, an email will be sent to the soldier confirming that you are qualified for the loan. But if you did not get an email within few hours of submission of your form, you can call the office toll free line for further clarification and any other information that you need. Being a soldier has its numerous rewards, and getting fast attention on your loan application is one of such benefits.

Pioneer loans are common among the military all around the world. Pioneer loan is fast and comes with very low competitive rates. They can be used for emergency purposes, debt pay-off, or any other expenditure or purchases the soldier might need. Whether in active service or a retiree and you need some financial assistance, do not over look this option because it can be a great relief at the time of financial distress.

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