Three International Locations For Property Investment

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Are you looking to invest your money in a profitable and exciting niche? If so you might want to consider foreign property. A lot of investors focus on property on their own doorstep, without really considering what they’re missing out on. There are a number of countries where you can make some extremely smart property investments. Here are just a few you might want to consider.


Bangalore Palace (Wikimedia) 

We’ll start with perhaps the biggest surprise: India. The economy of this country can be fairly unpredictable. Since the end of the noughties though, there’s been a slow depreciation for the rupee against the US dollar and other western currencies. With that, property prices have become more and more affordable, so you may want to swoop in while the climate is like this. Because the future of India’s economy is uncertain, I’d recommend going for a small scale property in one of the more urban areas. Check out these apartments for sale in Bangalore  for a decent starting point. If you’re an Indian citizen living overseas, then approach the investment with caution. There are a number of regulations concerning what you can and can’t do.


Catalinas Norte (Wikimedia)

Next, Argentina. This one may have come as a bit of a surprise too. You may have been keeping up with the state of the Argentine economy over the past decades. If you have, you’ll know that trade in this country can be exceptionally erratic. Their history has been full of sharp economic downturns, but don’t let this put you off from investing. Like in many south American countries, these sudden drops are always followed by a nice, consistent climb. Again, I recommend a smaller property in a major city. Buenos Aires certainly has a great selection. The city has a pretty wide selection of classic south American apartments. The design of some of these homes is very sought after, as it can only be found in a few select spots. Another potentially lucrative investment would be a vineyard in Mendoza.


Istanbul (Wikimedia)

Next, we have Turkey. Around 2008 and 2009, the global recession was really hurting the state of many countries’ property markets. Turkey, however, seemed to get off pretty lightly. At the height of the economic downturn in Europe, Turkish property values were shaved by around a quarter. However, the market showed a significant recovery in only a few years. There are always people in a country looking for places to live. Aside from that, a lot of the current housing in Turkey is in need of repair or renovation. According to current day standards, a lot of the older properties in Turkey are simply not suitable for living in. Aside from this, the steady growth of the Turkish economy has made it easier than ever for foreigners to invest in property out there.

Go and do your own bit of research into these three countries. I’m sure you’ll see a property investment which fits your needs. Remember to understand the risk you’re taking though. Not every economy is as stable and predictable as ours.

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