Tips to Get a Home Loan Approved

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Buying a new home is the dream of most people. Finding a home that suits your taste is the first step towards making your dream come true.


Getting a home loan could be the most arduous task unless you are aware of the each and every nitty- gritty detail that is involved, ensuring that you stay ahead of the requirements.

Know the Loan Basics

The first step that you should take before applying for a loan is to know your credit score. This is based on your credit history, which you must review carefully before submitting your application. The credit score has a major impact on whether your application will get approved or not as this is the first thing that most creditors want to check out about you.

  • A minimum credit score of 680 is required by most credit agencies and lenders to be eligible for  a loan.
  • Missed credit payments or late payments can act as an obstacle to getting your loan approved.
  • Any negative remarks that may be placed in your credit history will hurt your credit score.
  • Any errors that you have noted in your credit history should be immediately rectified in order to ensure that your credit history is as clean as possible.

These tips will help you get your loan approved in a quicker manner with as low a chance of a return of your application.

Understand Your Capability

Everyone wants the largest and the best house for themselves, but often this is not within your budget. You should understand what your capacity to pay back the mortgage is and place your application accordingly. Besides the mortgage that you will obtain from the lender, there are several other payments that you need to make by your cash. So you will have to ensure that you have some cash in hand and are not down to zero balance after making your down payment. This will scare away lenders and negate your loan sanction.

Money in Hand

Unseen expenses build up when you are out to purchase your new home. The legal work must be complete in order to ensure that the house documents get transferred to your name. Legal workers normally take care of this part of the work, but they must be paid out of your cash in hand. Ensure that you understand how you can benefit from comparing conveyancing quotes, before you select the person to handle your work. You can then make a better deal and yet have some cash on hand for other expenses.

Hold on to Your Job

Try not to change jobs as you are readying to purchase your new home. Creditors will always view with skepticism a person who cannot hold on to his job, and surely doubt his capacity to repay the mortgage. They would re-evaluate you to ensure that you are not a potential defaulter.

Get Pre-approval

Before you hand in your application for a home loan, it is a good idea to get pre-approval from the mortgage house. This way, you know exactly how much you can invest, and the pre-approval letter placed in your records will ensure that you get your funds as soon as you need them.

By understanding and following these simple tips, you could be assured of having your home loan ready at the time you are.

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Tony Clowes discusses some basics about home loan approval and the greater role credit history plays. He also sheds light on how you can benefit from comparing conveyancing quotes and when to opt for one.


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