Top 10 most expensive cities in Britain

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It seems that barely a day goes by without the debate that surrounds the increasingly inaccessible property ladder becoming more heated. And whilst schemes such as the Right to Buy and Help to Buy Schemes have stirred a property bubble, the UK remains one of the most polarised places in the world in terms of property prices. Here we inspect the upper end of this polar scale by taking a look at ten of the most expensive cities in Britain.


  1. Oxford

Whilst many may think that number one spot would be held by London, it is instead the historic city of Oxford. Property experts in the region explain this by Oxford City Council’s failure to build any affordable houses whatsoever over the last financial year.

Average Salary: x14.9

Average Property Price: £340,864


  1. London

London is home to properties with an average price of £514,000, and whilst this is significantly higher than that of Oxford’s, the average salaries in the Capital see London fall into second place.

Average Salary: x13.9

Average Property Price: £514,000


  1. Cambridge

Cambridge has seen market beating increases in the price of the average property year on year since 2007.

Average Salary: x12.7

Average Property Price: £348,300


  1. Brighton

Brighton is the first seaside town within our list and makes for an unsurprising entry given its reputation as a cultured, bustling region. According to mortgage and finance comparison experts, one of the reasons for its high prices is down to its great infrastructure that leads to London, property prices may look set to increase further as London’s averages push more and more people out of its price bracket.

Average Salary: x10.9

Average Property Price: £323,952



  1. Bournemouth

The second of our seaside regions, Bournemouth comes in at number five just slightly under Brighton, however experts are predicting incredibly increases over the coming five years of 32%, which, it is said, would outperform London properties.

Average Salary: x10.6

Average property price: £254,826


  1. Crawley

Crawley makes for one of various South-Eastern towns that have undergone significant property price jumps over the past 12 months.

Average Salary: x10.1

Average property price: £234,577


  1. Aldershot

Aldershot is home to wonderful architecture, one of the UK’s largest army bases and a landscape that allows for picturesque countryside walks. It therefore makes for a very worthy entrant placed at number seven.

Average Salary: x9.5

Average property price: £236,598


  1. Reading

Reading is pretty ideally situated for those who commute to London, and it is this location along with the region’s landscapes, that has resulted in an increase in the average property price of 18%.

Average Salary: x9

Average property price: £358,056


  1. Bristol

Bristol makes for a region that has seen market bucking trends over the past 12 months, with increases in excess of 10%; this figure additionally looks set to increase in the coming years as commuting time to London will be reduced to 78 minutes by 2017.

Average Salary: x13.9

Average property price: £261,287


  1. Worthing

Worthing makes for our last entrant and a region that features average prices that vary somewhat; for the bargain hunters, homes with an average price of £270,00 can be found if they’re prepared to live a little further out of town.

Average Salary: x8.6

Average property price: £358,056


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