What are the best US cities for young families and professionals?

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It’s quite common for young people, who just graduated from college and families to move across the US in search of a city where they can find a good-paying job and a nice place to live. Selecting the best city for finding lots of professional opportunities is not an easy thing to do and sometimes it’s not even under your control.

How to select the best city to work and live into?

Whether you are young professional or you are looking for a new opportunities with your family, there are certain things you need to consider when selecting the most suitable city to live:

  • Affordable housing options
  • Reliable public transport
  • Diversity
  • Walkability
  • Thriving social scene
  • Career opportunities


Where to start your search?

There are many vibrant metropolitan areas all over the USA, where you can find affordable housing and lots of career opportunities. However, there are only few that offer all factors mentioned above and here are the most popular among them:


Austin, Texas

Widely known as a liberal oasis in the mostly conservative state of Texas, Austin has been considered one of the best places to live and work! Furthermore, it is also known as one of the most vibrant cities in the United States, with live music been played from pretty much every corner of the city throughout the entire week.

Named by Forbes as US’s fastest growing city, Austin is constantly expanding and more and more companies open offices in the city. Some of the largest companies having offices in the city include Google, PayPal, Apple, AMD, Facebook, Dell and 3M! This helped Austin get listed in the top 10 cities for tech startups.

There are many suburban areas of Austin, where you can find affordable housing options for you and your family. Furthermore, the public transport available in the city is known as one of the most reliable in the US.


New York City

There is no way to talk about the best places for young professionals and family to live and work, without mentioning New York City. Being popular all over the world, New York City has and will be one of the most attractive destinations when it comes to starting a new career or moving to new city.

However, housing in New York is pretty expensive and also since it’s not only one of the largest cities in the US, but also in the world, which makes it pretty crowded. The metro is among the most reliable public transport services in the world, so once you get settled in NY, make sure you learn your way around it with the metro.


Washington, D.C.

The Washington, D.C. area offers a lot of entertainment activities for young people and also is widely known for its mild climate. It also offers wide diversity of people, most of whom are very well educated. This makes the city quite an interesting place to live into.

However, when it comes to housing – the costs for living and hosing in Washington D.C. are among the highest in the US. However, the outer suburbs of the city are growing incredibly fast and seem like a great and rather affordable option for young professionals and families.

Traffic and public transport are quite often a problem for young professionals working in Washington. There are lots of traffic congestions in the area, making driving rather stressful. The public transport is not that often used by Washington residents and covers only limited areas of the city.

Are there other cities to move to?

The mentioned above are just some of the popular cities where young professionals and families prefer to live into. If you want to learn what other of these popular cities are, check out this infographic titled “Top Cities for Young Professionals and Families”!

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