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Whittier Trust CompanyWhittier Trust is a private wealth management company that offers unique solutions to protect and grow the assets of its clients. The company has been specializing in wealth and business management for many years. The staff of the company has the highest level of professionals who is dedicated to offering their exceptional customer services to their clients. Many of the company’s staff has been working here from over ten years assuring all clients with long term relationship. All clients can be sure that the company is the best firm to get help in managing their finances and wealth.

Through the company’s services, you can safeguard your family especially your children. Financial depression is among the huge problem that people deal with their life, but with the help of the company, clients can be sure that they can get the help they need in managing their life’s finances. The multi-trusted family office of the company offer services that can help you. Among these services are trusts, fiduciary vehicles, and entities. The dedication of the company to help their clients is second to none. Today, the company serves as a co-trustee of trustee of their clients with expertise in financial. With this in effect, the company still maintains the highest level of sensitivity to those clients with currently established trust.

Clients can truly benefit from the investment services that the company offers. In compliance with applicable laws and all governing trust, the company offer investment management trust services that can help you plan your future. This service of the company has helped plenty of clients and will still provide support those who are in need. Aside from that, the fiduciary services of Whittier Trust can help all clients in their tax preparation and filing. Clients with huge assets will not need to distress themselves in handling this task as the staff of the company is highly knowledgeable in this matter.

Apart from the fiduciary services, families and organizations can also benefit from the philanthropic services that Whittier Trust offers. For over four decades, Whittier Trust has helped clients to align their wealth and values though the philanthropy. The trusted professionals of the company shoulder all the burden of administrative needs of clients allowing you to experience the joy of giving and helping your co-trustees. Most of the service philanthropy services that you can benefit include advisement and consulting, management and administration, and investment consulting and charitable investment management.

Whittier Trust has currently advised millions of foundations all over the world and process and monitor charitable gift giving annually. In this connection, all clients can be sure that all their needs in expenses and financial management can be done in simple ways. You can concentrate on what you do while the staff of the company takes care of these things. Whittier Trust offers services that offer opportunities where you can open the path to evolutionary beneficiary. Once you are entitled for distribution, the evolutionary process will start in motion, and you can be sure that these processes will be consistent so you won’t have to deal with other problems that may arise in the future.


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