Why a Payday Loan?

| January 3, 2012

Wouldn’t it be nice if emergencies were required to happen only when we have the money to cover them? But the truth is that life just happens when it wants to without regard for our convenience and everyone has had a time when the money won’t be there until it is too late to do any good. These are times when a payday loan might just be the life line you need.

A payday loan is just that: a loan to tide you over until payday. It is easy to get such a loan. You fill out the simple paperwork, prove who you are with two forms photo ID, write a postdated check to cover the loan and interest, and the friendly clerk will approve your application and give you the money immediately. You could go to the bank for the loan but the time it takes to do the paperwork and get approval can sometimes be up to a week, and when you need money right now a week is way too long.

What is an emergency? You are the sole judge of what constitutes an emergency in your life. It may be unexpected medical bills for a family member or automobile repairs that are your emergency. It could just be that there is too much month for the money available. For some folks the emergency might be an opportunity to take advantage of great savings but only for a limited period that doesn’t include time for payday to get there.

You are an adult and know better than anyone what your responsibilities are and the state of your financial life. You know what you need to get you through. You have an income that you can count on, a checking account in your name, and two forms of photo ID. You are eligible for a payday loan. You deserve to be able to borrow what you have to have to cover life’s problems.

Payday loans are a discrete and convenient way to make it through the month. Secured by your good name, these loans are to help you with the vicissitudes fate throws your way. With no credit check almost anyone with a checking account can get one of these easy loans. They are not free but they are often a life saver.

When the wolf is at the door but payday is far away, consider a payday loan.

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